Конспект уроку в 10 класі на тему: “Спорт в моєму житті”.

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Гудим Ольга Анатоліївна

Screenshot_10Конспект узагальнюючого уроку з теми “Спорт” та вживанням Conditional II.


T o p i c: Sport in my life

A i m s :

1)Educational:- to revise the lexical material and to enrich student`s vocabulary

–  to practice the grammar material – using of the Conditional II

2) Developing: – to develop pupils` auding, reading, speaking skills and habbits,

–  to develop pupils` memory;

3) Cultural: to acquaint pupils with  different kind of sports

Language material: a set of ex-s, a set of words.

Equipment: cards with words, CD-disc, CD-player

L e s s o n P l an

  1. Organization moment.


– Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please.

– Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s start our work.

– How are you today?

2  Warm-up

Today we have unusual lesson. I am your new teacher of English. First of all I`d like to get acquainted with you and tell something interesting about our hobbies, interests or traits of character. For example my name is Olga Anatoliivna.  I like teaching English. I am a sociable person. My hobbies are fishing and playing the badminton

What about you? Introduce yourselves one by one.


Please, look at the screen.

Thousand years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind in a sound body.” I’d like to know how you can explain this statement?(слайд 2)

Teacher: Are you all for sport? Put up your hands. Great! But my friends’ daughter is against sport. She says that in sport there is nothing good, only broken legs and arms. That’s why she sometimes misses her PE lessons and has a problem with her marks.

Today we`ll try to clear up the situation and will you help me to give her more arguments if she right or no

I.4 Aims and objectivities

The topic of the lesson is : Sport in our life

Todayourlessonisdevotedtosportanditsrole in our life

We’ll revise the material of previous lessons

The words and word-combinations on this topic,

the using of the Conditional II

practice listening and reading.

II Main part of the lesson

  1. P h o n e t i c A c t i v i t y

. I am sure that you know very man ykinds o fsport. Now let us remember some of them.

There is a proverb “Practice makes perfect.” So, let’s practice our pronunciation skills.

Repeat after me

bungee jumping

free-fall parachuting



rock climbing

scuba diving


2.Vocabulary Practice 

 I am sure that yo uknow very many kinds of sport. Now let us remember some of them.

a)Look at these pictures, can you match the pictures and words expressions, but don’t forget there is one odd expression.

  1. b) What is your attitude to these kinds of sportand explain your choice with the adjectivities – positive and negative

to like           not to like         be fond of         be hopeless at         be crazy about


I like …                    I’m fond of…         I’m crazy about…     I’m good at….

I don’t like…            I’m hopeless at…

e.g. I’m crazy about scuba diving because it is exciting.But I am hopeless at rock climbing because it is risky.








  1. c) Game “Crosses and naughts”
3 G r a m m a r A c t i v i t y


What kinds of sports are popular in Britain?

What kinds of sports are popular in Ukraine?

Who are the famous Ukrainian sportsman? (A.Shevchenko, Yana Klochkova…)


How do you think if the life of the sportsmen easy or difficult? Why?

What do they usually  have to do be the best of the best?

–          train hard

–          to keep diet

–          to take part in different competitions

–          to train character

–          to be patient and persistent

Let`s imagine that you are the sportsman what would you do?


Let`s make up such sentences,  Conditional II will be useful


Conditional 2, what do you know about thistype?

– Conditional 2 is often called the “unreal”conditional because it isused fo r unreal оr impossible situations. This conditional provides an imaginary result for a given situation. 

Conditional 2 is formed by the use of the past simple in the if – clause and would + infinitive in the result clause

Complete the sentence

Example: If I weresportsman, I wouldtrain hard

 Reading p.136 Text “Sky diving”

We know that sportsmen earn a lot of money to have a rest.

If you were the possibility to do skydivingwouid you try?

Let`s read he text and do the task

5.Listening.Ex 1 p.142

You`ll hear the psycologist being intervied about violent sports. For questions 1-7, choose the best answer.


a)Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps with the words/phrases from the list below

-Another time, perhaps?

-Why do you ask?

-What are you doing this weekend

A:Hi, Paul-It`s Dunkan. 1)…

B:Hi, Dunkan.Er, I haven`t  got any plans.2)…

A:I was wandering if you`d like to come and watch a football match. Manchester United are playing on Saturday and I`ve got one extra ticket.

B: Oh, no! I wish I could go to the match with you but I`ve just remembered I do have plans after all.

A:Never mind.3)…

B:I hope so. Thanks for asking me, anyway.

  1. b) Use the promts to act out similar dialogues.

– basketball game/Sheffield Sharks

-cricket match/Lancashire

  1. c) Т. Different people have different attitude to Some people consider it tobe very useful, others think it even can do harm.

Work in groups  Read the statements and choose

. The 1st group will think and tell us about good sides of sport, another one – about badsides of sport.

Sportis good because                          Sport is bad because

It makes me strong and fast

It helps me to keep fit

It’s not very useful.

It takes a lot of energy and time.
It builds character
It needs to work veryhard.
We have no time to walk with friends

It teachers me to win and to lose

It’s very good for myheart

We enjoy it

Sport helps people tostay in good shape, helps to suppor t  health and prevents from illness.

We can break legs and arms.
Sport allows you to make friends with a number of people.

Sport increases fitness.

Sport decreases yourweight.

Sport gives you an increased sense of individuality.

It gives you a real pleasure.

Sport gives you a chance to acquireself-confidence.

Sport can be unfair.

You learn a lot about life.

So good sides more than bad sides.

Thank you. I’ll tell my friends daughter about your arguments. I hope she’ll change her mind.

III. S u m m a t i o n

All of you have worked excellent today What new words have you known from our lesson? What new information have you caught?

-Sport doesn’t care who you are, everyone can take part, I wish you to be sporty, strong, healthy.


Now open your record books and write down the homework. At home you’ll write a paragraph beginning like this “Sport in my life” Write about your personal experience insport. These questions will help you: What sports have you done? Are you doi g any sport now? Has it changed you and your life? And how?

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