Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 6 класу за підручником А. Несвіт з теми: “Shopping. Shops”

Автор: вчитель англ.мови Шуліченко Тетяна Геннадіївна

Урок для учнів 6 класу за підручником А.Несвіт з теми Shopping. Shops. Урок з використанням технології Mind maps, які є ефективною опорою для збагачення словникового запасу та розвитку мовленевих навичкок.


Main learning aim:

-activate and systematize vocabulary by the topic “Shops”

– develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

Subsidiary aims linked to the main aim:

– name different kind of shops,

– ask and answer questions about shopping,

– understand authentic cartoons,

– create mind maps for visualizing, structuring, and organizing information,

– improve pupils’ confidence as speakers.

Materials and references: a computer, a TV set .

Text book English 6 by A. Nesvit, mind maps, card with tests, а video, a teacher’s Power Point presentation.


І. Introduction

T: Hello dear pupils! I am really happy to see you again and I hope you’ll be able to solve all my tasks for you. Today we’re going to speak about different kind of shops, create mind maps, watch a cartoon and talk about shopping.

ІІ. Warm-up

T: Let’s watching a video and revise some words.

or any other video) Listen and repeat.

III. Main part:

  1. Work with mind maps.

T: We have different kinds of shops in our cities where we can buy food or clothes, books or shoes. You’ve got mind maps (див. додатки) and you should write down some name of food shops and non-food stores and 3-4 things that you can buy at these shops.

Учні записують слова.

T: Are you ready? O’key? Let’s watch my presentation and test and add your mind maps.

  1. Practice vocabulary and develop student’s speaking skills.

T: Let’s talk about the things you can buy at these shops. Using mind maps and exercises 1 page 30 make up some sentences. For example: My favourite place to go shopping is a pet shop. I like to buy different things for my dog.

Pupils’ answers.

  1. Develop reading skills.

T: Now you are going to read the text and then answer the question. (ex.2 p.30)

Після прочитання тексту звернути увагу на деякі слова, які можуть бути не знайомі учням.

Потім виконуємо вправу 3 на стор.31, розмістити речення по порядку відповідно до тексту.

  1. Develop listening skills.

T: I’ve got an interesting cartoon for you. Watch it and then answer my questions?

What did the son buy for school?

Why did he buy two smart phones?

What did he buy to eat?

(Текст для аудіювання в додатках.)

  1. Develop speaking skills

T: Some of you have cards with the name of shops and some have ones with the name of different things. You should find your pair and make up dialogues. You can see a model on the blackboard.

– Hello

– Hi

– I would like to buy a ….

– You should go to a ….


T: Your homework is exercises 6 and 7 on page 32, add at least 2 words into each group in your mind maps and of course you should learn new words.

V. Summarizing.

T: What topic did we talk about at the lesson today? What new words did you know? I think you like our lesson.

Your marks are…Thank you. The lesson is over.

Текст для аудіювання

Father: Son, what are you . . .

Son: Dad, Dad?

Father: Son. What are you doing here down at the beach? I thought you said you were going to buy some things for school?

Son: Well, Uh, Dad. I DID buy some things.

Father: Well, what did you buy? What do you have in your backpack?

Son: Well, let’s see. I have three notebooks, five pencils, an eraser, and oh yeah . . . .

Father: Wait! Two smart phones?

Son: Well, uh . . .

Father: What, what do you need with two smart phones?

Son: Well, I use one to call you and Mom, and the other, I call my, uh, my teachers. Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s it.

Father: Right.

Son: And, uh, yeah.

Father: And what else did you buy?

Son: Well, um, yeah. I have a new iPad.

Father: A new iPad? What do you need a new iPad for?

Son: Well, you know. My birthday is coming up . . .

Father: Your birthday isn’t until June. That’s six months away.

Son: Well, Mom thought it was a good idea. And I have, let’s see, what else? Two cheeseburgers, some fries, and oooh, a melted ice cream.

Father: How did you pay for all that?

Son: Well, uh, ooh, uh. Time is passing. Gotta go! Bye, Dad!

Father: Hey, where’s my credit card? Come back!!


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