Конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 5-го класу на тему: “Favourite lesson”.

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Дарійчук Юлія Григорівна

Screenshot_22Конспект підсумкового уроку з англійської мови для 5-го класу на тему “Мій улюблений урок ”. План уроку та додаткові матеріали і фото допоможуть зробити урок ефективним, яскравим, насиченим та різноманітним .Урок побудований на интерактивних видах роботи та допомогає учням розвинути навички критичного мислення



Teacher: Dariychuk Yulia
Class: 4-V
Level:  A1
School :
Specialized  English language school # 22
Rayon and oblast:  Chernivtsy
Class profile :

the group comprises of 12  mixed-ability 9-10-year-old students ( 6 boys and 6 girls)at an elementary level. There is also a new coming boy in the group who has at once become a member of the team, but his ability is lower than the whole group.   All the students are friendly to each other ,always ready for the new activities. They are creative and imaginative.
Topic :
My Favourite Lesson
(It is the third one in a series of 8 lessons on the topic “At School”.)

Lesson aims:   By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
match the subjects with  the activities;
– read ,listen to  and watch for specific information
identify new vocabulary items both in oral speech and in writing;
– identify the  features of the favorite lesson;
– conduct, analyze   the survey;
– create an ideal timetable.

Materials/resources used:
colourful cards, stripes, stickers for dividing the group into teams or pairs; pictures lustrating the school subjects with the learners’ portraits in them;2 sets of  names of the subjects and activities to match; pictures to introduce a new vocabulary; forms to conduct the survey ;feedback form; forms for an ideal timetable; table  for the learners’ marks.

Activity sheets after the video –


Time Teacher Activity Learner Activity Interaction


Stage Aim


Greets students using target language.
Gives the instruction for “Guess the Subject “activity based on the vocabulary items under study at the previous lesson. Shows pictures and motivates the learner to guess the name of the subject if he/she finds his/her face in the picture

Divides the learners into pairs, gives the instruction for the activity
Elicits learners’ ideas concerning the topic of the lesson.


Each learner guess the names of the shown subject


Learners  ask the partners about  the subject they are good at and present the information for the whole group,  guess the  topic of the lesson











for learners to review the names of the subjects ,to drill the construction  to be good at,
to predict  the  topic of the lesson


Divides the learners into two groups with the help of colourful cards. Hands out the set of  subjects and activities  for each group
Gives instructions for the activity
(Appendix #1)
Learners match the subjects with the appropriate activities, read aloud the answers. Each group check the correctness of the answers  of another 2 groups for learners to review school subjects and their activities ,to develop reading skills,

to work in teams



Introduces the new vocabulary from the video with the help of pictures or flashcards.
Checks understanding of the new vocabulary
Learners guess the meaning of the new words Whole group for learners to to identify the new vocabulary  items and their meanings both orally, individually and in context





Explains to the learners that they are going to watch a video about Superhero High School, a girl which studies there and her cousin. She shows him around.
Asks students to find out her favourite subject.

Asks   questions about the video to check the understanding:
Imagine you’re a student at Superhero High School and tell us about a day at school.
What lessons do you have?
Who are your teachers?
What do you practice at school?
Do you like your school?


Learners watch the video for the names of the super power lessons and the girl’s favourite super power lesson.

Learners answer the questions

Whole group


for learners to watch for specific information, namely super power words



Hands out the sheets of paper with the after-watching activities, gives instructions and check the answers. Learners match the picture and the superpower, put the sentences in order. Individuals for learners to read new vocabulary ,to develop memory.


Asks learners to brainstorm the question
Why flying is the girl’s favourite subject?
Elicits learners’ ideas

Completes the table for the whole survey on the blackboard with the appropriate adjectives from the learners’ brainstorming.

Learners brainstorm the question –
      Why flying is the girl’s favourite                        subject?
in order to find out the features of  the favourite lesson.
Whole group for  learners to develop thinking skills by generating ideas,  to activate appropriate adjectives


Complete the survey forms for each learner with the same adjectives or constructions as in the table on the blackboard (according to the learners brainstorm), gives instructions for the activity.
Hands out the forms with the questions and sets the time limit. Checks the understanding by asking ICQs.
Gives the signal for the activity to start.
Walks around mentoring and providing help if necessary.

Checks the correctness of the lanners estimates
Helps the learners to complete the whole survey table on the blackboard and find out the most favourite lesson(s) of the group.








Learners choose the survey forms from the box, read it, walk  around the classroom asking each learner the question from the form ,write down the answers opposite an appropriate names and count the most frequent answers

Learners present the results of their mini surveys and complete the table on the blackboard
With the help of the survey  learners find out the most favourite  lesson(s)  of the group

Individuals for  learners to develop integrated skills while conducting a survey(asking and listening to the questions ,answering , writing  down the answers and  counting the most frequent answers),to revise grammar structures with the superlative adjectives.


Helps the learners to analyse and evaluate the survey results

Divides the learners into pairs with the help of stripes, gives instructions for the activity. Presents sentence structure to be practised. Sets the time limit


Learners analyse and evaluate the survey results and give the ideas how to use them. (creating an ideal timetable)
Learners find their partners with the help of the stripes  , choose the day of the week , create and designs an  ideal timetable for it and present it for the group



for  learners to develop critical thinking  skills and  practise writing skills   by using vocabulary and  survey analysis


Introduces a feedback form and then makes up a conclusion about the most and the least favourite activities of the lesson.


Learners fill in the feedback form Whole group for  learners to fill in a feedback form to express their views on the lesson


Gives grades, assigns home task: to decide what super powers would the learners like to learn every day at Superhero High School, to write a timetable for a week and illustrate it. Learners write down their home task.  

Whole group

for learners to develop their writing skills and imagination
You can get the information from the Internet.
Learn how to use the computer.


You can learn styles of music, about composers the sounds of musical instruments, to play an instrument or to learn new song.


You study the language of millions of people speaking in the USA, Canada, Great Britain.
You can speak English ,read, write, listen to.


You do a lot of useful exercises, run, jump, swim, play football at the gym     

This subject helps you to paint and draw
You can  draw and paint


You study nature-plants, animals, forests, lakes.


I can read and retell many  interesting stories and fairy-tales.

You  can use  many numbers  at the  lesson.
You  learn to count, do sums.

You  can read, write, speak  in your  native  language .
You can make different things and cook    

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