Урок узагальнення та систематизації знань з англійської мови за темою «Healthy lifestyle»

Автор: вчитель англійської та німецької мови Дудіна Оксана Павлівна

Screenshot_26Урок узагальнення та систематизації знань за темою «Healthy lifestyle» розрахований на учнів 7 класу.
Урок має на меті активізувати та закріпити вивчений лексичний
матеріал з теми; розвивати граматичні навички; розвивати компетенції в аудіюванні, читанні, письмі, говорінні; виховувати інтерес та бажання до вивчення іноземної мови; формувати здоров’язбережувальну компетенцію учнів.
Використання мультимедійної презентації та відео матеріалів має сприяти більш ефективному засвоєнню матеріалу та стимулювати пізнавальну активність.


Урок узагальнення та систематизації знань за темою

«Healthy lifestyle» 7 клас

Topic: Healthy lifestyle

Objectives:            – to systematize the usage of lexical units;

– to develop grammatical skills;

– to develop pupils’ skills in reading, listening, speaking

and writing;

– to implement a healthy lifestyle;

Equipment: a multimedia projector, a computer, a screen, cards, a book.


Teacher: Good afternoon children. I’m glad to see you today.

How are you?

Did you do morning exercises today?

What did you have for breakfast?

(the pupils answers)

Teacher: I’m glad that all of you are fine! Today we are going to have a bit an unusual lesson. So let`s try to  guess the theme of the lesson. Listen, please, to a short interview.

(Interview video 1)

Teacher: As you see we are going to speak about “Healthy Lifestyle”.

We have to revise the words we`ve learnt. We’ll do some exercises to practice the grammar. We are going to speak a lot and to complete the table “Healthy Lifestyle”. And, of course, we are going to have fun.

Teacher: During the lesson we are going to travel and to visit three stations, which help us to be healthy:

The 1st station –Healthy Food;

The 2nd station – Physical Activities and Personal Care;

The 3rd station – A Consultation of the Doctor.

  1. Warming – up activity.

Teacher: You know that there are a lot of proverbs about health and healthy lifestyle. Here there are some of them. Before the travelling let`s continue the beginning of each proverb.

  • Health is better… than wealth
  • Early to bed, early to rise … makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
  • An apple a day …                        keeps the doctor away
  • A sound mind…  is in a sound body
  • Eat with pleasure…                     drink with measure  
  1. The main part of the lesson.

The 1st station –Healthy Food


Teacher:   Our first station is Healthy Food. You know that it is very important to eat healthy food. Answer the questions, please:

Teacher:  1.Why do we eat? –

Pupils:   We eat to live and to grow.

T.:  2.What food is healthy to eat? –

P.:  It is healthy to eat fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fish and meat.

T.:  3.What four main food groups do you know? –

P.:  They are milk and dairy foods, meat and fish, vegetables and fruit, potatoes and cereals.

T.:  4.What food do vegetarians eat? –

P.:  They do not eat meat, but they eat fruit and vegetables.



Teacher:   It`s time to brush up our grammar. I hope that you know what you must or must not do to be healthy.

We … drink water.

We… eat fast or junk food.

We … eat a lot of sugar.

We … prepare food ourselves at home.

We … eat at night.

We … eat at least three times a day.

We… drink cold water.

We … keep to a diet.

We … drink much lemonade.

We … eat vegetables and fruit.

(Учні читають речення вправи ланцюжком)

Teacher:   If we want to be healthy, we must eat a certain quantity of products. Look at the picture


Teacher:   One more task on the topic you can see on the board. Complete this sentences with the words many, much, a lot of, a little, a few.

  1. How___________ fruit are there on the picture?
  2. I don’t have to put___________ sugar in my tea.
  3. Italians eat _____________ pasta every day.
  4. We need __________ cheese for life.
  5. How ___________bottles of milk can we drink during the life?
  6. You have not to eat ____________ junk food.
  7. How ____________ cans of Cola can we drink?
  8. We don’t need __________ meat per day.
  9. How __________ bananas do we need for week?
  10. We do not need to eat__________ butter every day!

(Учні читають речення вправи ланцюжком)


Teacher:  We have completed all the tasks and now we can write down three main rules of the first station. So,

– eat only healthy food;

– healthy food is fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fish and meat;

– do not eat fast or junk food.

The 2nd station – Physical Activities and Personal Care

Vocabulary work

Teacher:  All people have good and bad habits. Put the following words in the correct column:

smoking, go to bed early, healthy diet, do sports, taking shower, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, eating breakfast, taking drugs, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, getting up early, cleaning teeth, eating fat food, exercising, taking vitamins, having regular check-up, walk a lot

Good habits                                                             Bad habits

Speaking and Grammar/ Game “Snowball”:

Teacher: We need to do physical activities for healthy lifestyle. What sports do you like to go in for? Let`s find out it with the help of disjunctive questions.

Teacher: – Roman, you like to play football, don`t you?

Roman : – Yes, I do. I like to play football. Sasha, you do gymnastics, don`t you?

Sasha : –  No, I don`t. I like to play volleyball. Dasha, you like to swim, don`t  you? … etc.


Teacher: A few lessons ago we`ve learnt the grammar material “ the Past Perfect Tense”.  Let`s practice the usage of this tense. Make up the sentences using the Past Perfect Tense.

  1. Jane/looked/wonderful/after/she/to lose/a few kilos.
  2. I/to arrange/my visit to the gym/the day before.
  3. Tom /to injure/his leg/so /he /not skate /yesterday
  4. I/ to lose /so much weight/ because /I/ to begin/ exercising
  5. Kate/ never/to play/tennis/ until/ last week.
  6. Linda / to want/ a ball/ but/ she/ to receive/ a book.
  7. She/to hope/ that/ I/to do/ morning /exercises.
  8. He/ to understand/ that/they/ to win / the match.

(Учні читають речення вправи ланцюжком)


Teacher:  We have completed all the tasks and now we can write down three main rules of the second station. So,

– do regular physical exercises to keep fit;

– never smoke and don’t drink alcohol;

– get up early and go to bed early.


Teacher:  If we want to be healthy, we have to do regular physical exercises.

Let`s sing and dance.

(Учні співають та танцюють під пісню “A happy day” video 2)


The 3rd station – A Consultation of the Doctor.

Vocabulary work

Teacher:  Once a year the doctor examines us to make sure we are healthy. Our next task is “Give it a name”:

  1. A person who needs a medical help. (a patient)
  2. A person who gives a medical help. ( a doctor)
  3. A movable organ in the mouth, used. (tongue)
  4. The front of the neck. (throat)
  5. A muscular organ that pumps blood through the body. (heart)
  6. An organ of breathing in the chest of a man. (lung)
  7. A thing you take to recover. (a medicine)
  8. A state of being well. (health)
  9. A small object designed for easy swallowing, some sort of medicine.(a pill)

(Учні читають речення вправи ланцюжком) 


Teacher:  What do you think about these statements? Disagree and correct the sentences:

  1. When I have a disease I go to see a teacher.
  2. I broke my nose while I was playing chess.
  3. A person is healthy when he has got a high temperature.
  4. I had a backache, so I went to the dentist.
  5. I took medicine because I was well.
  6. I have a sore throat , so I drink cold water.
  7. My leg is broken and I can play football.
  8. Doctors work at school.

(Учні читають речення вправи ланцюжком)

Listening and Speaking.

Teacher:  Imagine that you are doctors. You have to listen to a patient and give your recommendations or prescribe something.

Patient: Oh, something is wrong with me! I have a terrible headache and a running nose!

Pupil: Don’t worry it’s just a cold. Lie down and take some aspirin. 

Patient: Oh, doctor, I have a sore throat and a high temperature. Help me!

Pupil: You have to take medicine and to drink lots of liquids. … etc.


Teacher:  We have completed all the tasks and now we can write down three main rules of the third station. So,

–  make a medical examination once a year

–  do not take medicines without consulting a doctor

– take care of your health

Summing up.

 Teacher:  Our lesson is coming to the end. We have identified different ways of healthy lifestyle and completed the table “Healthy Lifestyle”. I hope you will use it in your life.

I believe you enjoyed our lesson and I want to thank everyone for active work. Your marks are …  See you on Tuesday.

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