Конспект уроку (Flipped Lesson) на тему “Життя у майбутньому”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Родін-Сова Любов Петрівна

Screenshot_19До Вашої уваги конспект уроку з англійської мови з використанням сучаного методу Flipped , який полягає у тому, щоб пояснення матеріалу відбувалося поза класом, а під час уроку матеріал лише опрацьовувася. При цьому вичтель виступає не як керуюча ланка уроку, а як такий, що допомагає учням та співпрацює з ними. Це дозволяє надати учням більше самостійності та сприяти зацікавленності матеріалом.


I have a group of 8 students. They have English 4 times per week. We work on the topic “Life in the Future”

They were watching two videos and did tasks on them at home.

Here is my lesson plan.

I.Warming Up

a)Students answer different questions (from different topics) to sit at their desks-in case if they do not know the answer, they have to stand until I ask them the next question.


to revise the material students have to name words that they’ve learned at the previous lesson one by one(in chain). If someone doesn’t remember the word he(she) sits down. The winner is the person who stands last.


a)Hometask checking-I ask students to show me their answers to the tasks they had done at home after watching the videos.

  1. b) Students work in pairs. Here I’d  try  the SHAC idea.




C-comment(give their opinions)

Students in pairs discuss the videos, help to those who doesn’t remember(I have such persons), ask questions and give their opinions. Then I ask them to change pair and do the same task again.

  1. c) Onion-Ring Activity

For this task students stand in 2 circles(I’m inside the inner circle). Here is an explanation to let you see what I mean. In this onion ring I ask students to answer 2 questions:

1st question-How will robots change our lives?

They ask each other get the answer, then move and again ask and answer but this time share what they’ve heard.

2nd question-Will our lives with robots be better or not? Why?

Again they ask and answer, then move and only tell what they’ve heard from the previous partner.


Here students work in groups of 4 and make their own models of robots(draw them actually) to make their lives better.

Task is to draw a robot, describe what it can/can’t do, explain why it makes lives better.

  1. Summary

At this stage students have to present their robot, but actually every member of the team has to talk


As far as my school is a traditional school I have to give students hometask.

I’d ask them to write their impresions of the lesson in at least 6 sentences.

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  1. I’ve got interested in the idea. Such lessons seem to be useful in encouraging students to work more at home. A very interesting task is CREATIVITY and a funny one is WARMING-UP. Thank you!