Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 10 класу “Music. Great musicians”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Cлюта Оксана Іванівна

Cлюта Оксана ІванівнаМузика-це безсмерний вид мистецтва,що буде жити вічно. А чи знаєте ви відомих музикантів-піаністів? Яким був їх шлях до слави? Читайте про них у розробці уроку.


The topic: ”Music. Great musicians”


  • to develop oral fluency through discussion;
  • to develop listening comprehension skills;
  • to enlarge vocabulary on the topic;
  • to develop skills in expressing ideas logically;
  • to develop attention, linguistic guessing;
  • to develop aesthetic taste.

Equipment: Smart board, PPPresentation, video

I Introduction. Greeting.

T: Good morning children, glad to see you. Are you ready to start? What are your hobbies?

Ps: reading, watching TV, surfing the Net, listening to music.

T: So the topic of our lesson deals with one of the most popular arts nowadays- music. We’ll find out interesting facts about great musicians, watch their performance.  In course of our lesson we’ll revise some words and expressions you will need for discussion and speaking. We will also practice reading, listerning. Music is a large part of our lives.

II Warming up

Discussion.  In pairs, talk about the music you like. You should say:

  • what sort of music you like to listen to and why
  • how you access music
  • where you listen to music
  • who your favourite musicians/ bands are

III Main part

  1. Vocabulary. To speak about music you’ll need some lexis. Make sure you know them.
  2. A) Match these words with the definitions.
  • Someone who writes music or plays musical instruments (a musician)
  • Someone who makes up songs and music (a composer)
  • Someone who sings (a singer)
  • A group of people who play different instruments in the theatre or the concert hall (an orchestra)
  • A person who leads the orchestra (a conductor)
  • A group of people who play popular music (a band)
  • To play for the audience (to perform)
  • To prepare musical instruments for the performance (to tune)
  • One of thesections in a line of music, contains several notes ( a bar)
  • Someone’sability to sing exactly the right musical note ( absolute pitch)
  • Apublic performance, especially of jazz or popular music ( a gig)
  1. B) Complete the sentences with the words from the box

bar  gigs  studio pitch  lyrics   conductor


1 After playing a lot of _____, the band are in the ____ again making a new album.

2 I like the music in this song but I hate the _____.

3 She sat down at the piano, played the  first three ____ of the song and suddenly stopped.

4 It must be difficult being a ____and responsible  for a whole orchestra.

5 I someone’s got absolute ____, they can name a single note on hearing it, or sing any

note without the help of an instrument.

T: The world of music is marvelous and appealing. How many musical instruments do you know? Let’s watch a presentation and listen to their sound. (Watching a presentation)

T: So there are many different kinds of musical instruments and tastes are differ. But today we’ll talk about professional concert pianists. Your task was to find out about some of them

  1. Children’s presentations of famous concert pianists.
  2. Our culture. – Who do you think are the greatest musicians ever from our country?
  • Why were they great?
  1. Pre-listening

–  How do musicians’ life differ from ours?

–  Have they got special day’s routine? We are going to find out the answers to these questions.

  1. Listening

Listen to seven answers from an interview about the lives of concert pianists. Match them with the questions (a-h).

A What sort of workloads do they have?

B What does it take to be successful?

C What’s the best age for starting?

D Do concert pianists get nervous before concerts?

E How many of them actually become successful?

F What’s it like preparing to perform a new piece?

G What are the lives of young pianists like?


  1. There`s an important physical element so it`s vital being young to develop the muscles and physical capacity. Most people recommend starting between six and eight but some pianists do begin a lot earlier ? For example, Evgeny Kissin began playing when he was old enough to reach the piano-that was when he was two years and two months.
  2. They don’t have much time for hanging about with their friends or being on Facebook like other young people. You need several hours of practice to be good and many young pianists go to special schools at the age of about 11 or 12. It`s a tough world and very competitive so the kids and teenagers don`t have much time for normal activities. In a lot of these schools they actually have to limit the time that students spend on the piano because it can cause injuries. All of them are very single-minded and dedicated.
  3. That`s a very good question. Only 1 or 2 % become concert pianists and even fewer become great ones. But they all want the chance to try so that they won`t have regrets later. Their dreams music and they just want to follow it even if they know the chances of success are small.
  4. Well, it’s not just technique. At a high level that is taken for granted. You need a lot more than that. According to the great pianist, Maria Joao Pires, you must have feeling for the music. You need to make the music yours. You need to be original and powerful so that you can really connect with an audience during a concert. So you can’t just sound like everyone else.
  5. Well, first it’s very hard work and it’s very lonely. You’ve got to practise hundreds of hours on your own to get to know the piece. That can be hard when things aren’t going well as you have no one4 to help you. You are on your own. Secondly, you have to establish a relationship with the music. The pianist Joanna MacGregor sys that she has to make friends with a piece of music to play it well – it has to become part of her.
  6. Some pianists. Like Lang Lang from China, have exhausting schedules. He does a hundred concerts a year. Others, like Evgeny Kissin, do about half that because concerts are so tiring for them. There`s all the travelling and the stress of the performance. Evgeny loves playing in public but he does find it exhausting physically and mentally because he has to give so much. He loves a couple of kilos during every concert and can`t sleep the night after because he is so excited from the concert.
  7. Of course, some more than others and it happen more when they play a piece for the first time in public to a really big audience. Pianists have their own routines before concerts to deal with nerves. Lang Lang, for example, always eats a light meal of fruit and chocolate. Then he walks around his hotel room thinking about the music and moving his hands in the air.

Answers: a 7, b 5, d 2, e 6, g 4, h 3.

  1. Post-listening

– Were you surprised by any of the information?

Listen to the full interview. Make notes according to the questions mentioned before.

  1. Speaking

Work in pairs. Take turns to use your notes to tell your partner about concert pianists.

  1. Watching

Watch the interview with a rock musician. Complete the sentences. Exercise 7, Student’s Book page 61.

IV Summing up.

Thank you for your active participation in this lesson.

V Home task.

Your home task is to make a project about your favourite Ukrainian group or singer.

Most people like music, but some love it. Musicians want to create their own music.  When someone becomes a musician they learn many things, that non-musicians would never know. Not everyone has the drive to be a musician.
When someone is a musician, they have a different social life than people who are not. Musicians go to a lot of music clubs and concerts. Musicians also love to talk to other musicians about the newest instruments, brands, technology and ideas they have.
Musicians  create their own music. Musicians express their feelings  in their music. They spend countless hours perfecting their instrument, so they can sound well on stage.
Today’s Musician does many things that you normally would not learn.  Whether it’s practicing alone, playing on stage, listening to music everywhere, or talking to friends about music.

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