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“Аlice in Wonderland ( modern play)”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Koшарна Оксана Олександрівна

вчитель англійської мови Kошарна Оксана ОлександрівнаPresenter1
White rabbit
Junior- baby

Presenter 1

Lady and gentlemen ! We are glad to present you an adapted play based on a famous story which is unique, interesting and it differs from any other stories.


It was written by famous English writer Lewis Carroll more than 150 years ago.

Presenter 1.

Some words about the author. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ( 27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898), better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was an English writer, mathematician, logician and photographer.


His most famous writings are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, all examples of the genre of literary nonsense.

Presenter 1

Alice Liddell inspired the writer on a boating trip in Oxford


On 4 July 1862, travelling in a rowing boat 10-year-old Alice asked Charles Dodgson to entertain her and her sisters, Edith (aged 8) and Lorina (13), with a story.

Presenter 1

Dodgson began to tell the girls fantastic stories about girl, named Alice. Finally he presented her with the manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground in November 1864.


Be careful with your dreams. It was 150 years ago. That’s a very old story.


But what about nowadays? Only imagine…

Hush! The story begins. Hope you will have a nice time and enjoy the play.

(Music break)

Act 1


ALICE and SISTER enter right and sit on the bench. SISTER is talking on her cell phone. A magazine is in her lap. ALICE tries to get her attention.

SISTER: (On phone.) I can’t hang out with you. I’m stuck with Alice all afternoon.

ALICE: You’re not stuck with me!

SISTER: (On phone.) I have to babysit.

ALICE: I don’t need a babysitter!

SISTER: (On phone.) She was driving me crazy so I brought her to the park.

ALICE: I’m not driving you crazy!

SISTER: (On phone.) Little sisters are a real pain.

ALICE: I’m not a pain!

SISTER: (On phone.) I’ll talk to you later. (Hangs up phone and tries to read her magazine.) ALICE: Can we go to the movies? SISTER: No.

ALICE: Can we feed the ducks?


ALICE: Can we …?


ALICE: This is boring.

SISTER: It sure is.

(Cell phone rings. SISTER looks at caller ID.)

I’m going over there by the yogurt stand. (Indicates offstage right). If you’re good I’ll bring you back a chocolate yogurt. If not, I’ll bring back a chocolate yogurt and eat it in front of you.

(SISTER answers her phone and exits right, leaving the magazine. ALICE looks at the magazine, then tosses it down.)

ALICE: This is really boring. (Looks around, pouts, then yawns.) I wish there was something to do.

(RABBIT enters right and crosses to ALICE walking and talking very quickly.)

RABBIT: Late again! Always late! I can never be on time! That’s the story of my life! I hate being late!(To ALICE.) Do you have the correct time?

(ALICE looks at her watch.)

ALICE: It’s ten o’clock.

RABBIT: Why am I always late? Late is bad! On time is good! Early is better!

ALICE: What are you late for?

RABBIT: An appointment you silly little person

ALICE: Wait! You dropped something! (Exits left.)

RABBIT: I know what they’ll say! Late again! Always late! Never on time! (Exits right.)

(ALICE enters left and quickly crosses right.)

ALICE: Wait! You dropped your glove! (Exits right.)

(ALICE enters and crosses center. PASSENGERS enter right and left with chairs, newspapers, magazines, iPods, etc. Chairs are arranged center in rows to resemble a subway car. THEY sit, read, sleep, look bored, talk unheard on cell phones, etc.)

ALICE: The subway? I’m not supposed to ride the subway by myself! (To PASSENGER 1.) Excuse me. Is this an uptown train?

Passenger 1The train, the train goes underground,

And up above there is the town.

Down below is rock and dirt.

Careful, or you might be hurt.

OFF STAGE VOICE: This train has reached the end of the line! You must exit!




DUCHESS: (Jersey accent.) I tell ya, Carmella, I’m losing my mind! Duke is never home! He has to work late! He has to go to a meeting! And where does that leave me? Home all day with Junior, that’s where!


DUCHESS: I’m supposed to golf with the Queen of the Park this morning. But can I ever get out of the house? Can I find anyone in this town crazy enough to babysit Junior for a couple of hours? Of course not! Nothing can ever be that easy! It’s all Duke’s fault! He buys Junior everything he wants!

COOK: MORE PEPPER! More pepper on the way!

DUCHESS: (On phone.) Did you hear about the cook? Duke thought a cook would make my life easier. I don’t know where he found this guy.

DUCHESS: I need to let the cat in. (Exits left then returns, followed by the GRINNING CAT.) Duke got the cat for Junior but will the kid pay any attention to it at all? Of course not! It’s just like everything else.

Someone’s at the door. (Exits left.)


(GRINNING CAT grins, licks paws and cleans face, and grins at JUNIOR.)


(DUCHESS enters followed by ALICE.)

DUCHESS: (On phone.) Hey Carmella. Guess what? That stupid babysitting service found someone crazy enough to babysit Junior. It looks like I’ll make the golf game after all.

ALICE: I’m sorry. I’m kind of lost. Can you tell me how to get to the yogurt stand in the park?.

DUCHESS: there’s the kid, (Points to COOK.) and there’s the soup. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Or maybe a couple of days.

ALICE: I’m not here to babysit or eat soup!

DUCHESS: You can’t back out now! This will be the first time I’ve gotten out of this house in months!

ALICE: But I need to find the yogurt stand!

DUCHESS: Okay. I’ll double your usual fee. What is it? Fifty cents an hour? I’ll go as high as a buck twenty-five. But that’s it! Just because I’m a duchess does not mean I’m gonna throw away money on babysitters!

Listen cupcake! I have a previous engagement! You stay here and take care of Junior. You’ll like him .eventually. Or you’ll hate him as much as you do at first.

(COOK hands ALICE soup bowl and spoon.)

COOK: (Proudly.) Soup!

DUCHESS: And you get a free lunch. What could be better.

ALICE: I’m not hungry. ( Duchess leaves the stage)


(ALICE looks at GRINNING CAT, who grins.)

ALICE: Why are you doing that? GRINNING CAT: Doing what? (Grins.) ALICE: Grinning like that?

GRINNING CAT: I’m not grinning. (Grins.) ALICE: You’re kind of creeping me out.

GRINNING CAT: I don’t mean to. (Grins.) You seem to be in distress.

ALICE: Well … yes.

GRINNING CAT: Then the best advice I can give is Take the subway up to 116th Street, cross over to Amsterdam Avenue, take a bus south to 14th Street, cross over to Eighth Avenue, take a cab to Columbus Circle, and cross the street. You’ll see some trees and some benches. (Grins.)

(ALICE thinks for a moment.)

ALICE: That’s the park! Why should I ride all over town and end up back where I started?

Wait! will I find my sister? (Exits left, leaving the soup bowl on the floor.)



QUEEN enters with shopping bag full of stuff. SHE mumbles to herself, sees ALICE and crosses to her.

QUEEN: You can’t sleep there! This is MY park!

ALICE: Excuse me?

(QUEEN takes a paper crown from her bag and puts it on her head.)

QUEEN: I’m the Queen of the Park! (Offers ALICE a brownie from her cart.) And no one can sleep here but me! Care for a brownie?

ALICE: No thanks.

(QUEEN takes a bite of the brownie.)

QUEEN: Hmm. Delicious. (Tosses it back in the cart.) I just enjoyed a round of golf with the Duchess.

ALICE: I need to find my sister.

If you could tell me how to get to the yogurt stand I would really appreciate it.

QUEEN: . A map. (Hands ALICE a map.)

ALICE: It’s a map of China.

QUEEN: Well? They have parks in China, don’t they? Here I am trying to help, and you’re complaining!

Person 1: It’s time for the big trial!

ALICE: (Jumping to her feet.) What big trial?

People The People vs. the homeless of the Park.

The Honorable Queen of the Park presiding.

ALICE: What are you talking about?

QUEEN: Sit down! (Looks around.) Where is the prosecutor?

(RABBIT enters bringing a chair.)

RABBIT: Here I am! Late again! Always late! Late! Late! Late!

Alice. Alice: But the Queen! I simply must get out!

Alice: Why, why that’s me! I’m asleep!

Queen: Don’t let her get away!

Alice: Alice, wake up! Please wake up, Alice! Alice! Please wake up, Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice!

Sister. Alice! Where have you been? It’s time to go .

(Music break)

Presenter 1

As the book and its sequel are Carroll’s most widely recognised works, they have also inspired numerous live performances, including ballets, musicals, operas, plays. These works range from fairly faithful adaptations to those that use the story as a basis for new works.

Presenter 2

Alice and the rest of Wonderland continue to inspire or influence many other works of art to this day, sometimes indirectly via the Disney movie, for example. The character of Alice is popular and inspires similar heroines in literature and pop culture,


That’s the end of our performance. Hope you spent a nice time there.


Good bye! See you next time!

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