Розробка уроку з англійської мови для 7 класу

“Medicine and Health”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Макарчук Наталія Олексіївна

Мета: активізувати лексику, вивчену на минулих уроках та тренувати учнів у вживанні її у мовленні, розвиток навичок аудіювання,розвиток навичок читання, активізувати граматичний матеріал( when- and if-sentences), розвиток комунікативних навичок учнів, виховання здорових звичок та культури здорового способу життя.

Обладнання: презентація, комп’ютер, мультимедійний проектор, макет тіла людини, картки, текст для читання.

Хід уроку

І. Початок уроку.

Організаційний момент. Мовна зарядка.

– Good morning!
– How are you today? How are you parents?
– I’m glad that you are all fine!

Some people are healthy, some people are unhealthy. The English people say: “Health is the best wealth”. They are right! We can’t buy health, but we can do a lot to keep it.

By the way, what do people do to be healthy? ( Mind-map)

To be healthy

ІІ. Основна частина

1. Повідомлення мети та завдань уроку.

So, today we’ll speak about our health, about what we should do to be healthy,we’ll develop writing and speaking skills, get new information how to keep fit,we’ll see a  project,  learn what can help if a person has an accident,etc.

2. Контроль виконання домашнього завдання

(один з учнів на дошці виконує вправу)

3. Подача нового матеріалу, організація тренування та вживання його у мові учнів:

4. Активізація лексики, вивченої на минулих уроках:

– фонетичне опрацювання:

Let’s begin with some words and phrases:

Health – healthy – a healthy way of life

chest                             to keep fit
lung                              to keep to a diet
tongue                          to cough
throat                           to consult a doctor
medicine                      to have a sore throat
plaster                          to have a stomachache
mixture                        toothache
bandage                        to go in for sports
pulse                             to spend much time outdoors
chest                             tongue
blood pressure
a doctor – a patient

-Do you know these words?
-Repeat the words after me.
-Let’s read the words all together.

-Give it a name:( робота в групах, на групу видаються картки з лексикою)

  1. The upper front part of the body. (chest)
  2. One of the two organs of breathing in the chest of  a man or an animal. (lung)
  3. To force air from lungs with a sudden sharp sound. (to cough)
  4. A movable organ in the mouth, used for tasting, swallowing or speaking. (tongue)
  5. The front of the neck. (throat)
  6. A person who needs a medical help. (a patient)
  7. A person who gives a medical help. ( a doctor)
  8. A thing you take to recover. (a medicine)
  9. A state of being well. (health)

деякі учні отримають індивідуальні картки:

Card 1

Disagree and correct the sentences:

  1. When I am ill I go to see a teacher.
  2. I broke my leg while I was playing chess.
  3. A person is healthy when he has got a bad cough.
  4. I had a stomachache, so I went to the dentist.
  5. I took medicine because I was well.

Card 2

Make up the sentences!
People/ believe/ some/ are/ there/ in/ life/ their/ cycles/
Sorry/ exactly/what/ you/do/ mean/?

Card 3

Match the pairs!

  1. a dentist                   a) backache
  2. a surgeon                 b) toothache
  3. a physician               c) headache
  4. an optician               d) earache
  5. an otologist              e) eyeproblem

Card 4

Make up the word-combinations!

  1. check                       a) a temperature
  2. take                         b) lungs
  3. measure                  c) the sick person
  4. examine                  d) blood pressure
  5. listen to                   e) teeth

2.Тренування учнів у усному мовленні по темі:

– Look at the blackboard. The phrases are mixed here. Some of them are doctor’s phrases, the other are patient’s. Put the doctor’s words into the first column and the patient’s phrases into the second one.

DOCTOR                                                                       PATIENT.

What is the matter with you?
What about your appetite?
Take the medicine.
You should stay in bed.
Take the pills three times a day after meals.
Hope you will feel better soon.

You must follow my advice
Come and see me on Monday.       I have got a terrible headache.
I do not want anything?
How often do I have to take medicine?
Goodbye, doctor, and thank you very much

-Розвиток навичок діалогічного мовлення

Use these phrases and think of your own dialogue. You can make some changes. Work in pairs.

3. Розвиток граматичних навичок учнів.

Let’s make Health Code. Here are some cards.
Eat vegetables and fruit.
Drink hot milk and honey.
Don’t eat unfresh food.
Sleep 8 hours a day.
Don’t get wet in rainy weather.
Do morning exercises.
Don’t walk too much in cold weather.
Don’t drink cold water.
Air the room.
Consult a doctor every 3 months.
Don’t eat a lot of sweets (salt).
Don’t watch TV too much.

Now we’ll go fishing. Here is a lake and fish with different diseases. You must get a fish and your friends will give you some advices.

As for example:

If you wet through, change your clothes.

(Учні дістають рибу, читають назви хвороб та дають поради).

Р: I have a headache.

Р: If you have a headache, consult a doctor.

Р: If you have a headache, don’t watch TV too much.


Now let’s have a rest and sing a song “ If you are happy and you know “

5. Тренування учнів у вживанні if- sentences (виконання вправи 2 стор.73).

6. Тренування учнів у читанні тексту: (presentation “Health Service”)

-pre-reading activity:

Group up the words from the box into 4 columns.

a dentist, to sneeze, a sore throat, a tongue, to cough, lungs, a surgeon, a nurse, a disease, treatment, a heart, to prescribe.

a symptom an illness a part of the body health service

Look at the title of this presentation!
-What is this presentation about?
-What do you do if you have some symptoms of some diseases?
-зняття лексичних труднощів:  emergency department, a complete physical.
-while-reading activity:

Say if it is true or false.

  1. If you have some symptoms of any disease you should make an appointment with a doctor.
  2. If you are ill you should see a surgeon first.
  3. Specialists usually work at the dental offices.
  4. You should tell the doctor about the symptoms of your disease,
  5. You can buy pills, tablets and other medicine at the hospital.
  6. When somebody has an accident he goes to the specialist.
  7. Surgeons make operations in hospitals.
  8. Nurses take care of sick people.
  9. You needn’t to pay at the private dentist office.
  10. A healthy lifestyle helps you keep fit.
  11. To have a healthy lifestyle means to take vitamins regularly.

Complete the sentences.

  • a) A disease is usually characterized by ………
  • b) The doctor will take your pulse,………
  • c) Your local doctor can send you to………
  • d)A specialist wiil………
  • e) If you feel too ill to go to a doctor, you’ll ……,.
  • f) The Accident and Emergency department wilt help you if you ……
  • g) At hospitals surgeons……, nurses……and doctors……
  • h) tf you go to a private doctor you have to…. but it’s …
  • i) To live a healthy lifestyle means………
  • j) Taking vitamins and having a complete physical once a year are …


People need to see doctors if they have a cough, high temperature, running nose, heartache, stomachache, sore throat or some other symptoms of some diseases. If you are ill you should see your local doctor first. So you have to make an appointment. As disease is usually characterized by a set of specific symptoms and signs, the doctor will ask you to describe the symptoms of your illness. Then he’ll take your pulse, look at your tongue, listen to your heart and lungs and check your temperature. He or she will give you some treatment or send you to see a specialist.

Specialists usually work in medical centres or in hospitals. A specialist will examine you and prescribe some treatment, pills, tablets or some other medicine, which you can buy at the chemist’s.

If you feel too ill to go to the doctor’s, you’ll stay in bed and send for a doctor. If you have an accident, you go to the Accident and Emergency department1 of the nearest hospital. Sometimes people need to stay at the hospital for several days or weeks. Surgeons make operations, nurses take care of patients. Doctors visit their patients at hospitals regularly.

There are many private hospitals today, So you can go to a private doctor or a dentist. You have to pay there, but it’s usually quicker. Today many people can get private treatment.

To be healthy a person needs living a healthy lifestyle: do regular physical exercises, be outdoors every day, eat only healthy food and get enough sleep. There are two more useful things for your health: to take vitamins regularly and have a complete physical once a year.

-post-reading activity: (бесіда з учнями про медичну службу)(метод «Мікрофон»)

-We started with a proverb “Health is the best wealth.” But there are a lot of others about health!


An apple a day …… keeps the doctor away.

Early to bed and early to rise …….. makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy mind   ….. in a healthy body.

He who has health has hope,   …… and he who has hope has everything.

Prevention is better ……. than cure.

Health is not all, …… but all without health is nothing.

-Read these proverbs all together!

Remember these proverbs!

Be healthy and try to keep fit!

-виконання впр.2с.73

-Now I want you to have a fun. It is the letter of one of the boys, but he doesn’t know English well. We have to decode the sentences to read the letter.


ІІІ. Заключна частина.

1. Повідомлення домашнього завдання та рекомендації щодо його виконання: впр3. стор.73

2. Підбивання підсумків уроку.

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