Розробка уроку англійської мови, 5 клас “Can/can’t (ability)”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Огаркова Вікторія Ігорівна

вчитель англійської мови Огаркова Вікторія ІгорівнаМатеріал може бути використаний для дітей, які навчаються в 5-их класах загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів з поглибленим вивченням іноземних мов.

Topic: Can/can’t (ability)

New Challenges 1, page 17

Aim: to introduce & practice can/can’t.

Supplementary aims:

To practice the usage of key words (abilities and activities);

To practice pair work;

To practice the usage of can/can’t;

To practice sentence builder.

Level: elementary/pre-intermediate, A1-A2


Aim: to practice the usage of the Key Words

Show the flashcards with abilities and activities and ask children to repeat them.

Act, cook, dance, draw, paint, play a musical instrument, play chess, ride a bike, sing, speak Chinese, swim, take photos, use a computer, write stories


Aim: to introduce can/can’t

Read the text and ask students to underline the word that means “to be able to do something/ability”

Today we are going to talk about my classmates. They are really different and can do a lot of things.  Anna can paint beautiful pictures, but she can’t write stories. Mark can play football, but he can also speak English and German languages. Mary is from China, so she can cook sushi. Her brother can sing, but he can’t cook. We can do a lot thing together and we help each other every day.

Write on the blackboard

Can / can’t  → abilities

Formation of affirmative, negative sentences, Yes/No questions, short answers and Wh-Questions


Aim: to practice pronunciation (AmE & BrE)

Explain children that the strong pronunciation of can is used in short affirmative answers and at the beginning of questions.

New Challenges SB ex. 5 p. 17


Aim: to practice the usage of can/can’t

Choose the card with activity and make sentences with can/can’t

Ride a bike, write stories, play chess, dance, cook, paint, read, speak English etc.


Aim: to practice listening skills

Listen to the interview and put tick or cross in the bold.

Ryan Laura
speak English
write stories
ride a bike
play tennis
cook meals


Ryan is 12 years old. He is a student. He likes sport very much. He plays tennis every day, because he wants to become a famous tennis star. That’s why he is learning languages, English and Spanish. He can speak English better than Spanish. At the weekends he likes to have a walk in the park or he can ride a bike. The only thing he hates is writing. He can’t write stories, but he likes to read them.


Laura is 11 years old. She can cook. Her dream is to become a chief. She is not into sport, but she can ride a bike with her friends. Her mother is a tennis player. She can play tennis, but Laura can’t. In the evening, Laura takes her diary and read the stories from it. She can write stories. Laura is Spanish, so she can speak Spanish. Also, she can speak English. Her aunt is from England, so they practice English almost every day.


Aim: to enable children to use and/but for joining similar or contrasting ideas

Give cards with activities and tell the children to make sentences using and or but.

Ex.: I can dance, but I can’t speak English.

I can swim and I can ride a bike.


Aim: to practice pair work and sentence building

Using the KW (activities and abilities) ask your children to make two spider grams “I can”/“I can’t”. Compare them with your partner. What do you have the same? What can you do? What can’t you do?

Ex.: I can swim, but Anna can’t swim.

Anna and I can ride a bike.

Take your spider gram, choose two more students from your group and ask him/her:

Can you ____?

Yes, I can.

No, I can’t.

Tell about your partners.


Aim: to practice speaking skills and sentence builder

Make an interview. One student chooses a flashcard with activity and puts it into the box. The rest of children need to guess it.

Ex.: Can you swim?

No, I can’t.

Can you ride a bike?

No, I can’t.

Can you play football?

Yes, I can.



What can you do?

Possible answers:

I can make sentences with can/can’t.

I can pronounce can in AmE and BrE.

I can write sentences using can/can’t.

Home Assignment

Make a spider gram about your family members using can and can’t.

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  1. Тема відпрацьована повністю! Різноманітні цікаві завдання, багато інтерактивних вправ, вдалі cards with tasks. Наявний ігровий момент. Не завадило б навчальне відео на тему уроку – хібу що. Дякую за презентацію!

  2. Гарний урок. Я і для себе використаю деякі вправи на вживаня дієслова can. Особливо мені підходять Ваші текстики, вони якісь такі легенькі, але водночас повністю демонструють матеріал теми уроку!

  3. Я не вчитель іноземної мови, але переглянула урок із задоволенням, так як завжди дивувалася тим людям, які можуть і написати, і провести урок не рідною і навіть не спорідненою мовою. Дякую.