Сценарій заходу “Сучасна Попелюшка або історія Ельзи” на англійській мові

Modern Cinderella or a Story of Elza

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Kошарна Оксана Олександрівна

вчитель англійської мови Kошарна Оксана ОлександрівнаДаний сценарій можна використати під час проведення тижня іноземних мов у школі чи позакласного заходу. Відомій історії надається оновлене та сучасне звучання.



Presenter 1 Lili- princess
Presenter 2 Host of the party
Dad Queen
Elza- Cinderella King
Harry- Prince Prince’s Friend 1
Step- mother Fiona Prince’s Friend 2
Anna, stepmother’s daughter , takes part in the show Mary, stepmother’s daughter
Hairdresser Trainer
Rhonda, godmother Liza, girl from the show
 Sophie, girl from the show Jannet, girl from the show
Vicky, girl from the show  



Presenter 1. Good morning, our dear guests!

Presenter 2.Everyone likes fairytales in their childhood.

Presenter 1. What was your favourite one?

P 2. I was fond of “Pinocchio”

P1.  And I was a fan of ‘Red Riding Hood”

P2. But there is a famous story of a poor girl who became a princess.

P1. It is an amazing story of Cinderella.

P2. Today we want to show you a play “ A Modern Cinderella Tale or a Story of  Elza”

P1.Enjoy the show!


Scene 1 (Dad and his daughter are in the room)

Little Elza.  Do fairy tales come true, Dad?

Dad. Well, no. But dreams come true.

Little Elza. Do you have a dream?

Dad. Yeah. My dream is the happiness of my little daughter. I hope in future you’ll find a person, whom you can fully rely on and build your own castle. Remember, fairy tales aren’t just fantastic stories. If you look carefully, you can find something in them you may need to know later in life.


Scene 2 ( At the party, some guests are dancing)

Harry and Lili are behind the stage.

Lili. Harry, let’s go to the party. You are always busy  and spend more time with your laptop than with real people.

Harry. Lili, I am fed up with  all these parties. They are always the same.  The same people, the same conversations. It is boring.

Lili. Come on, brother!

Host. Hello, guys! Welcome to our party!

Lili. Thanks.

Harry. It would be better if I was at home.

Lili. Just relax\and look around.

Harry. Ok, who is that girl?

Lili .She seems to be pretty. Go ahead. Have some fun!

Harry.( comes to Elza ). Hey belle, let’s dance.

Elza. Sure.

Harry . What’s your name?

Elza. I know your name and that’s enough. You’re a son …

Harry. I didn’t expect I was so popular.

Elza. Are you kidding? You’re in list …

( Elza’s phone is ringing)

Harry: Where are you going?

Elza: I’m late.

Harry: For what?

Elza: Reality.

( Elza is running out)

Harry: Do you know that girl?

Host. Sorry, Harry. Nothing can do for you.


Scene 3

(Room in the mansion. Harry is at the computer, Lili is reading)

Queen . Hello my dears. Have you heard the latest news?

 Lili. What news?

Queen .And you, Harry?

Harry. Don’t you see, Mom, I am surfing the Net. I’m not interested in your gossip.

Queen: The Andersons are already grandparents.

Harry: So what?

Lili: Is it a joke?

Queen: Look! This is a front page news.

King. When are you going to get married, I wonder, son?

 Queen. We want to have grandchildren. We are not too old and full of energy. We think that such a handsome, clever and good educated guy as you are deserves the best wife.

 Harry. Mom, Dad, stop bothering me. It is my own life.

King. We have heard it many times but we are tired. Now or never! You have to make a decision : to be alone without our support and money or to have both: family and our company.

Queen. Harry, be smart and make a right choice.

Harry. I’ll  think it over, Mom, but later. Ok?

(mother and father go out)

Lili. (comes to her brother) Have you made the most important decision in your life yet?

Harry. Sure. I’ll make our parents happy. I’ll choose the best girl in our city. She will be beautiful, clever and kind.

Lili. Do you need my help?

Harry: I know who’ll cope with this: my friends.


Scene 4

(advertising agency)

Friend 1. Hello, Harry

Harry. Hello, guys.

Friend 2. How are you ?

Harry .You know, I have a problem. My father told me to get married soon, otherwise I would lose our business and money and need to choose the best girl to solve it.

F 1. Let’s see what we can do.

F2. I have an idea. We can organize a show where only the most beautiful and talented girls will take part.

F1. And then there will be only six girls in the final. Our creative team will help you and you’ll choose the best one.

 F2. And we will run an ad for our contest on TV.

Harry. Perfect. Let’s discuss the details then.


Scene 5

(at Elza’s house)

Trainer . Ok. Let’s do exercises  for your waist. One, two, three, four…Do exercises for hips. One, two, three, four…Enough. Let’s calm down . Breath. One, two, three, four……..Girls, enough for today. Good bye

Step- mother. Thanks.

Anna. Where is Elza? I want to drink

Mary. She was somewhere here.

( Elza comes  with water)

Elza. Here is your water.

Anna: Why are you so long?

Elza. Sorry, I can’t do everything in one second.

Step mother. And now go out. I want to talk with my daughters.

( Elza goes out, father  is listening  a conversation)

Step- mother. Girls, I have to show  you something interesting. Look.


Announcement  on TV:

Are you looking for a rich , handsome  and clever guy?

Are you a beautiful, smart and kind girl?

Don’t miss your chance! We are waiting for you!

Fill in the  form on our site www. bachelor. com. and wait for our invitation.

Our requirements are:

  • Your natural beauty
  • Good education and broad outlook
  • Kind heart
  • Gifted personality

All forms will be carefully examined by our team and bachelor Harry   and we will choose only a few  girls . They will be invited to the contest and our bachelor will choose only one girl among them. Maybe it will be you!

Step-mother. Girls, it’s your chance. You have to be the most beautiful, talented and the smartest girls to win. Do you want to lead the life of Riley? Anna, today you’re going to the dance studio, then swimming pool and English lesson. Mary, you’re  having  singing, swimming and  Spanish lesson today. Be good girls.

Dad. I have to watch this video. Maybe it is a chance for Elza too. I dream my poor girl to be happy after all her hardships. She really deserves it.


Scene 6

( Elza’s house, some days later)

Anna, Mary. Mom, we have received an invitation for the contest. We are so happy.

Step- mother.  Ok, girls, come down. First, let’s think about your clothes and hairstyles. Hairdresser. Do you like your hairstyle?

Anna. Yes, I am satisfied.

Mary. And me too.

Hairdresser. And what about this girl? What hairstyle do you want?

Curled hair or something else?

Step- mother. No, Elza doesn’t go with us

Elza. Can I go to the contest with you, Fiona?

Step-mother. Poor Elza, you don’t know that you should be invited to the contest. Look at yourself, you are not so beautiful and smart as your sisters. Besides, you are an ordinary girl and don’t have a suitable dress. Sweetheart, now that you’re old enough, there is something I’ve always wanted to tell you, and I think you’re ready to hear it. You are not very pretty and you are not very bright. I’m so glad that we had that talk. And don’t forget you have to wash up, clean the house and cook the dinner.

Anna. It’s time to go.

Mary. Elza, don’t be upset. We’ll say Hello to Harry. Bye (they go out)

Dad. Elza, I have good news for you.

Elza. At last , I’ll hear something good.

Dad. My darling, you have an invitation too.

Elza. Thank you, dad. I know that you love me but I have nothing to wear for such occasion and I  have to do a lot of housework.

Dad. I’ll call Rhonda. She always knows what to do.

(Elza is cleaning the room, Rhonda comes in)

Rhonda. Elza, is that you? I have not seen you for ages.

Elza. Rhonda, I am so glad to see you.

Rhonda. How is it going?

Elza. My stepmother and her daughters  don’t love me and often offend me. They are unbearable. I’m fed up with them. As my Dad has told you, they are on the contest and I’m at home. But it’s not fair.

Rhonda. Elza, your dream comes true. Look, what I’ve got for  – a beautiful dress, nice shoes and a diamond necklace. I’m sure, all these things will look so good on you. But remember in any situation you have to be yourself. Be a smart girl! I wish you good luck!


Scene 7 (the contest)

Presenter 1. Six girls are left  in our contest. They are the most beautiful, the smartest and the most talented. They are Sophie, Jannet, Anna, Liza, Vicky and Elza. So, the top has been chosen.

Introduction of the girls with their photos on the screen

Presenter1 Welcome the first girl of our show. She is going to be an interpreter and she knows 4 languages – English, French, Ukrainian and Russian.

Girl 1 . My name is Sophie. My hobby is drawing. I would like to show you some of my pictures.

Presenter 2 I would like to introduce the second girl. She believes in the healing power of music. Her hobby is singing.

Girl 2.   I am Janet. My favourite song is…………………………..  I am going to be a professional singer.

Presenter 1. The third girl of our show is going to be a musician. She is very sympathetic. In her spare time she works in homeless shelter.

Girl 3. My name is Liza. My hobby is playing the piano. I  want to present you ……………

Presenter 2 Let’s invite the fourth participant of our show. She is not only beautiful but also well – educated and gifted.

Sister Anna. I’m Anna. My hobby and my passion is dancing.

Presenter 1 Let’s invite Girl #5. She is very fit and sporty.

Girl 4 My name is Vicky. I like writing reports and  I am going to be a journalist. My hobby is gymnastics.

Presenter 2 And welcome the last girl of our contest. She is hard- working, generous, open-hearted, frank and persistent.

Elza.  I am Elza. My hobby is dancing too. Actually, I’m in love with dance because it shows how I feel. Dance makes me who I am and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Harry. Dear girls, you are so bright like the stars in the evening sky.  Why do you want me to choose you?

Sophie. I would like to become a just and understanding wife.

Jannet. I fell in love and I will do everything for you.

Liza. To my mind, I am the smartest and the most beautiful girl.

Vicky. I will be the happiest girl in the world.

Anna It will be great pleasure for me

Elza. I hope to become your real friend, to live with you in the times of happiness and sadness.

Harry. I have to think before making a decision.

( Harry goes out )

Queen. I would like to thank you, dear  for your nice performances. It was real pleasure to meet so talented and attractive girls. Let’s wait for Harry’s decision. But it’s not easy to choose one of you.


Scene 8

Friend 1 Harry, what do you think about the girls?

Harry. I don’t know exactly but I’m impressed by Anna most of all. She is so beautiful and her dance is so exciting and fascinating.

Friend 2. As for me, I like the second girl- Jannet, her voice is so sweet.

Harry. You know, still I’m going to choose Anna.

( Friend 1 goes out)

Stepmother to Friend 1 : Tell me who is the lucky one?

Friend 1. Harry is going to choose Anna.

Stepmother to Elza. I don’t know why you are here. But Harry has decided to choose your sister. Come back home to continue your housework, Elza.

(Fiona leaves the stage).

Elza. Dad, I’m  leaving our house, the place I love. I don’t want to be your wife’s servant and I’m going to  begin my new life. Bye. I love you very much.

Dad. Bye, my dear. Good luck. Take care. ( Elza leaves the room, Lily comes to Harry)

Lili. Harry, did you think carefully?  Are you ready to make a right choice? By the way, I’ve recognized the girl from the party. It is Elza. She helped me some days ago when I had lost my phone.

Listen to your heart, brother.

Harry. Ok, it seems to me that I know my decision.

(Harry comes to the girls)

All are present( except Elza).

Harry. Thank you, girls, that I had a chance to meet you. You are very beautiful, gorgeous and unique. All of you deserve only happiness.

But , where is Elza?

Dad. She was so upset that she had decided to leave our city

Harry: How can it be? What a fool I am. She is the girl I need.

Final scene. At the station

Harry comes to Elza.

Harry. Elza, why didn’t you wait for my final decision? Only one girl has attracted my attention so much that I would like to ask her to marry me. She has a real treasure – her kind heart. That girl is you.

(Final dance of Elza and William)

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