Вірші на англійській мові

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Прядко Жанна Василівна

Вчитель англійської мови Прядко Жанна Василівна

Dear colleagues, I know that it is not so easy to look for and find simple and bright poems for the New Year Parties for junior students. That is why I decided to present you some of the poems which my grandson, the pupil of the 10th form and me wrote for my students some years ago.

I should say that my little students like them and learn them very quickly. Try to teach your students. I think they will like them. Good luck!

Winter (Зима)

It is winter, it is cold,

Father Frost is very old.

He has got a big red nose

And a big red sack of toys!

What a miracle I see?

– Dance around the Christmas Tree.

Many children have come together

They are not afraid of weather!

They are clapping hands and dance

With a song they’re meeting us

New Year Tree (Новорічна ялинка)

There is shining a big star,

Look at it, it is not far!

You can touch it with your hand!

Colored lights are bright and gay

They are red and blue and grey.

There are balls and many toys

Hanged by little girls and boys

New Year Tree is very pretty

Sends us many New Year’s greetings!

If I were… (Якби я був…)

If I were a Santa Clause

I would touch your cheek and nose

I would draw a magic rose

And present you many toys

I would build for you new palace

And you’d be my charming Alice!

Giving gladness is my work

I’m a Merry Christmas Fog.

Working hard from year to year

I’ll bring you the New Year!

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  1. Вірші чудові, легко читаються можна використати для учнів початкових класів на новорічні свята. І так для загального розвитку почитати. Бажаю удачі!