Сценарій позакласного заходу “Ми любимо тварин”. Для учнів 5-6 класів

Автор: учитель англійської мови Дерега Надія Іванівна

Робота подана у формі засідання Клубу веселих і кмітливих. Розробено вірші, пісні, фізкультхвилинки, які стосуються теми “We Love Animals”. Використано лексичний матеріал, яким повинні володіти з даної теми учні 5-6 класів.


Мета:  розвивати вміння та формувати навички усного мовлення, актуалізувати в мовленні сталі вирази, лексичний матеріал; розвивати пізнавальний інтерес учнів, вміння працювати в команді виховувати почуття самостійності та вміння долати труднощі;  виховувати інтерес та любов до тварин, до вивчення англійської мови.

Хід заходу:                                                                                                          

T: Dear pupils and guests! I’m very glad to see you. Welcome to our contests for young experts of the English language. At the end of the contests the winners will get a prize. First, let me introduce our jury. They are… They will judge todays contest. We are glad to see you. And now I want to introduce our participants.

(Звучить музика.  На сцену виходять дві команди. Форми та емблеми команд відповідають їх назвам ) . 

The first team is called «Mice», and the second – «Cats». The teams, please, introduce yourselves.

Round 1


Team 1

Hi, everybody! We are «Mice». We are glad to take part in today’s contest.

We are «Mice»,

Very nice

Our tails are long,

Our faces are small,

We haven’t any chins at all.

Our ears are pink,

Our teeth are white.

We like play and run,

About the house at night.

Team 2

Hi, everybody! We are «Cats» and we will win, because we are the best!

We are pretty little cats,

Sitting there upon the mat,

We don’t dream of a mouse

or a grey rat.

For we always dream

Of a dish full of fish

And a bowl full of cream.

Оцінюється: 1.) виразне читання вірша; 2.) відповідність форм та емблем назві команди. Найвища оцінка: 5 балів.

Round 2

Tongue Twister contest

T: Look at the screen. This one is for «Mice» and that one is for «Cats».  Listen and practice for a minute. Mind the speed and pronunciation. Present your Tongue Twisters.

  • Six thick thistles stick.
  • A black cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.
  • William always wears a very warm woolen vest in winter.
  • Give Papa a cup of coffee in a copper coffee cup.

Найвища оцінка: 4 бали. 

Contest for fans.

Find a mistake    

T: Do you like to read fairy tales? Do you know the characters from fairy tales? Listen to the sentences and clap your hands when you’ll hear mistakes.

  1. Little Red Riding Hood met a Grey Fox in the forest. ( Wolf )
  2. Naff – Naff, Nuff – Nuff and Niff – Niff were three little dogs( Pigs )
  3. A Grandfather, a Grandmother, a Granddaughter, a Dog, a Cat and a Horse were pulling a turnip. ( a Mouse )
  4. The Hare ate the Roly – Poly. ( Fox )
  5. Easter Bunny is a cat, he brings children sweets and coloured eggs.                             ( rabbit )
  6. The Hen has broken the Golden Egg. ( The Mouse )

Найвищий бал: 6 балів.

Round 3

Find the animal word

T: I’ll give you flash cards and your task is to find the animal words. Please, underline the word and read.

  • Skittenefoxjbeel
  • Whippococksmoused
  • Drabbitopigm
  • Kguineapiggoatfcat
  • Awolfpuppyshareck
  • Tgiraffeowlleopardo

Найвища оцінка: 3 бали.

Round 4

Match up

T: People very often compare themselves and other people with animals and birds. Match the halves of the comparisons to have traditional similes. There words will help you:

  1. as busy as…                                                  an owl
  2. as sly as…                                                     a mule
  3. as strong as…                                               a peacock
  4. as stubborn as…                                            a bee
  5. as true as…                                                    a fox
  6. as hungry as…                                                a dog
  7. as wise as…                                                    an ox
  8. as proud as…                                                 a  wolf

Key: as busy as a bee; as sly as a fox; as a strong as an ox; s stubborn as a mule; as true as a dog; as hungry as a  wolf; as wise as an owl; as proud as a peacock.

Найвища оцінка: 4 бали.

Round 5

Draw competitions

T: Listen to the poem and draw an illustration. Time setting 4 min.

The dog is in the hutch,

He doesn’t like it much.

The horse is in the sty

I can’t imagine why!

In the kennel lies the pig,

It’s lucky he’s not very big.

The rabbit runs off to the stable

Just as fast as he is able.

It’s nearly time now for their tea.

Tell them where they should be!

Найвища оцінка: 5 балів.

T: At the same time – contest for fans. Your task is to agree or disagree with my statements. (or say true or false).

  1. The hens live in the pond.              F
  2. The cow lives on the farm.            T
  3. The bear lives on the tree.             F
  4. The lion lives in the forest.           T
  5. The cat lives in the house.             T
  6. Dogs live in the zoo.                     F
  7. The crocodile lives in the river.    T
  8. The duck lives on the tree.            F

Найвища оцінка: 4 бали.

Round 6

Song competition

Кожен гравець виконує пісню та певні рухи відповідно до змісту цієї пісні.

«Mice» ( sing )

Stand up and look around,

Shake your head and turn the around.

Stamp your feet upon the ground.

Clap your hands, and then sit down.

Stand up and look around,

Shake your head and turn around.

Stamp your feet upon the ground.

Clap your hands, and then sit down.

«Cats» ( sing )

Hands up! Hands down!

Hands on your hips!

Hands on your knees!

Put them behind you,

If you please,

Touch your shoulders!

Touch your nose!

Hands up! Clap, clap,

Hands down, step, step,

One, two, three – hop!

One, two, three – stop!

Найвища оцінка: 6 балів.

Round 7

The Captains Competition

 T:  Captains, introduce yourselves and tell us about your pets.


Hi! My name is… I’m 10. I’m a pupil of form 5. I have got a pet. It is a cat Fluffy. He is nice and clever. Fluffy likes milk and mice. He lives in the house and always sleeps on my bed. I like my cat.

Questions to the captains:

  1. What animal lives the longest life? ( а tortoise )
  2. What fish never slips? (а shark )
  3. Whoо lived in the mitten? ( a mouse, a fox, a frog, a bear, a wolf )
  4. Name 5 domestic animals. (а hen ,cow, horse, pig, duck )
  5. Name 5 wild animal. ( а lion,а crocodile,а tiger,а fox,а wolf )
  6. What animal says “woof-woof”? (a dog)
  7. Which is the tallest animal on the Earth? (а giraffe )
  8. What is it that looks like a cat, but still it is not a cat? ( a kitten )

Найвища оцінка: 6 балів.

Round 8


T: You have prepared jokes. It was your hometask.


Joke 1

Little Willy, six years old, was walking in the Zoo with his father. Suddenly he noticed a zebra. “Daddy”, he cried, “are zebras yellow animals with black stripes or black animals with yellow stripes?”


Joke 1

A lion was wandering through the jungle asking all the animals he met, “Who is the King of Jungle?” They all answered, “You are, of course”. He felt very pleased with himself when he saw an elephant sleeping under a tree. The lion pushed him and asked, “Who is the King of a Jungle?” The elephant opened one eye, took hold of lion with his trunk and threw him up in the air. The lion came down on his left ear which made him feel bad. But he came to himself a few minutes later and said: “There’s no need to lose your temper just because, “you don’t know the right answer!”

Найвищий бал: 5 балів

T: And now it’s time for the jury to up the results of the contest. I hope you have enjoyed the English party. Thank you very much for taking part in our contest. Good bye!

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  1. Мені сподобалась дана розробка – у вигляді змагання, та ще й – веселих і кмітливих! Чудовий Warm up – Tongue Twister, цікавий зміст завдання ” Сontest Draw competitions”. Також сподобався конкурс капітанів. Добре, якщо така форма позакласних заходів стане традицією!

  2. Позакласний захід про тварин на англійській мові досить цікавий задум закріпити знання з іноземної мови в ігровій формі.Діти залюбки братимуть активну участь.Це сприятиме поповненню лексики з теми про тварин і допоможе збагатити знання про менших наших братів