Урок англійської мови, 3 – 4 клас

“Holidays in Ukraine. My Birthday”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Романюк Євгенія Валеріївна

Вчитель англійської мови Романюк Євгенія ВалеріївнаTopic: Holidays in Ukraine

Subtopic: My Birthday

Students and Setting:

Students: Young learners(ages 7-8), the 3d year of study in Ukrainian-speaking environment. There are 14 students in the class.

Setting: This a public school, where the teacher has the same students 3 times a week. English is practiced in 45 minutes lesson 3 times a week. The chairs and the desks are movable. It creates possibilities for pair, group and whole-class work.

Lesson Background:

The lesson is one in the series of lessons aimed at developing students’ awareness of celebrating the most important holidays in Ukraine. The previous lesson the students practiced vocabulary and grammar structures to speak about the Day of Independence. This lesson is aimed at practicing speaking and writing skills describing their own birthday, using the previously practiced grammar structures and reviewing and learning vocabulary connected with the topic. Next lesson the students will ask and answer the questions about their birthdays celebrations in the form of questionnaire and then inform the class about their partner’s birthday practicing Present Simple (the 3d person singular)

Learning Objectives/Expected Results:

Students will practice the vocabulary and grammar structures in different contexts.

By the end of the lesson the students are expected to be able to tell the class about their birthday and then write a story about their birthday applying vocabulary and grammar structures learnt.

Materials and Sources:.

Materials: board for pictures, flash cards with vocabulary (a cake, a present, a candle, to blow out and any other pictures to make students choose the pictures), a poster with colourful paper stickers with the names of months, paper flags, a balloon, a birthday hat, worksheets with the puzzle and the same puzzle on A4 to put on the board, a song “Happy Birthday!”.

Sources: http://whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-like-you-lot.html

(word search puzzle)

Procedures / Timing:

Teacher does/says . . . Students do/say . . . Approximate time needed
Greeting/organizing moments


greeting rhyme 1 min
Speaking warm-up and Revision(T-Cl):

What season is it now?

What season comes after spring?

What holidays do we celebrate in summer?

When do we celebrate the Day of Independence?

Why do we celebrate this holiday?

In pairs ask and answer about the Day of Independence (S-S)

What is there in the streets?

Tell the story about the holiday(S1, S2).



It is spring.

Summer comes after spring.


We celebrate the Day of Independence.

We celebrate the Day of Independence on the 24th of August.

We celebrate it because it is Ukraine’s birthday.

There are blue and yellow flags(balloons, fireworks)

10 min
Practice/Review of cardinal numerals, months of the year. Create a birthday calendar:

Look at the board. What can you see?

Now , go to the board take your month and write your birthday date.

When do you celebrate your birthday?



Why is it important to have such calendar?





I can see the poster and papers with the months.

(Ss go and take the months and write the date, e.g. Kate 24th) Then starting with winter months go to the board, tell the date and stick the paper to create the calendar)

I celebrate my birthday on the …of …

It is important, because we can sing a song “Happy Birthday!”(wish happiness, wish good luck, give presents etc).

10 min













2 min


Choose the student whose birthday according to the calendar comes soon.

Let’s celebrate …’s Birthday!

look at the table and choose things and pictures you need for birthday!

Now, let’s sing “Happy Birthday!”



Students choose the appropriate items and pictures and explain their choice. e.g. We need a birthday hat because (name) can wear it! etc.




Students sing


8 min







2 min



Practice the vocabulary and spelling.

Now in pairs do the word search puzzle.

Teacher gives the worksheets/ Check the words

Which words are new to you?

Do you like this puzzle? Why?

Students work in pairs as they sit.




Students in pairs write the corrects answers on the A4 on the board



a gift, a candy, a clown


students’ answers

5 min








2 min



Home assignment:

In pairs prepare the story about the birthday celebration. Use the words from the puzzle

(Check students understanding of the task)






Students repeat their home assignment




Assessment of students’ achievements and feedback

time left


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  1. Урок насичений різними видами діяльності. Відпрацювавши його, вчитель і учні досягнуть поставлених цілей та мети. Але от СВЯТА у них на такому уроці не буде. Цікава вправа Let’s Celebrate Friend’s birthday. Доповню нею свої уроки на тему Happy Birthday! у молодшій школі. Дякую!

  2. Конспект написаний у незвичному форматі. Відсутня триєдина мета, що є на сьогоднішній день якраз правильно. Використовуються інтерактивні методи навчання, які сприяють розвитку комунікативних навичок. Для учнів 7-8 років можна провести фізкультхвилинку