Виховний захід з англійської мови 5-7 клас


Автор: вчитель англійської мови Прядко Жанна Василівна

Вчитель англійської мови Прядко Жанна Василівна


  • Активізувати мовленнєву діяльність, удосконалити монологічне та діалогічне мовлення, використовуючи вірші, пісні, скоромовки;
  • Розширити та поглибити знання учнів про здоровий та нездоровий спосіб харчування про шкоду паління та вживання алкоголю;
  • Розвивати пам’ять та увагу учнів під час заучування віршів та монологічних висловлювань, сприяти розвитку як підготовленого, так і спонтанного мовлення, розширити світогляд учнів та підвищити культурний рівень;
  • Сприяти розкриттю індивідуальних здібностей у співі, артистизмі, показати свої вміння та навички володіння англійською мовою.


аудіозаписи пісень;
мультимедійний проектор з екраном.


Лунає заклик:
Парам-парейро – гей!
Парам-парейро – гей!
Парам-парейро – гей, гей, гей!
Настроенье каково? – Во!
Все такого мнения? – Да!
Все без исключения? – Да!
Вы, ребята, молодцы! – Ура!
Может вы уже устали?
– Мы с собой таких не брали!
Может лучше отдохнем?
– Лучше праздник мы начнем!

На екрані та на стендах – постери й колажі загонів з написами:

“The quality of man’s life depends on his lifestyle”

“Healthy Way of Life”


“Don’t destroy yourself with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food”

1 ведучий: Good afternoon dear teachers, pupils and our guests! We are so happy to see you here. You look very well: healthy, strong and in a good mood. What should we do to keep fit and to be healthy for a long time?

2 ведучий: We should go in for sports, eat healthy food, spend a lot of time outdoors, sleep a lot, be in a good mood, laugh a lot and be on friendly terms with people.

1 ведучий: You are absolutely right. So today we are going to speak about a healthy way of life.

2 ведучий: Ok! Let’s start our contest. The participants of our contest are the representatives of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sections.

Meet and greet them!

Звучить перекличка загонів та їх девізи:

«Пончики» –  «Лучше лопнуть нам от булки чем оставить и не съесть!»

«Медички» – «Мы же кушаем клубничку

и мы тонкие, как спички»

«Крепыши» – «Спорт нам поможет

силы умножить»

1 ведучий: Now let’s meet our judges.

They are …

Thank you.

2 ведучий: Well, good health is a great gift. To be healthy is the most important thing in the world.

1 ведучий: Now I propose you to look at these posters. Do you like them?

Yes, of course. I like them too. Very much!

Now, let’s listen to our boys and girls and they’ll tell us everything about them.

So the first is section 3. Come on boys and girls!

(Звучить мелодія пісні С. Ротару «Я, ты, он, она…»)

1 учень: – We are going to tell you about Healthy lifestyle.

2 учень: – We can hear a lot about living a healthy lifestyle but what does it mean?

3 учень: – In general a healthy person doesn’t smoke, eats healthy food and does exercises.

4 учень: – Although many people are for healthy food, they sometimes visit “Mc Donalds”. To be honest it’s not bed from time to time, but as long as you don’t make it a habit.

Anyway, everybody should know that junk food and fast food is very harmful for our health.

5 учень: – We live in Ukraine. We all want to be fit and healthy. But what should we do?

6 учень: – As a rule, in order to remain healthy it’s important for teenagers to eat healthy food – fruit, vegetables and lots of salads.

7 учень: – There are some tips for you:

Eat a healthy diet!

Sweets, chocolate and crisps are buns to eat sometimes but it is not good to eat them every day. They contain too much sugar, fat or salt.

1 учень: – Make sure you eat vegetables and fruit.

There are 5 reasons to eat fruit and vegetables:

  • First of all – they are useful and tasty
  • Secondly – they are unique
  • Third – they contain plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Then – they help you stay healthy
  • And the last – you will grow strong!

2 учень:Drink a lot of water and milk.

Water and juices are better for you that fizzy drinks because fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar.

Milk is good because it contains calcium. You need calcium to help your 206 bones to grow and keep your teeth strong.

So don’t forget the main rules:


Too little food makes you thin

Too much food makes you fat

The wrong food makes you ill

The right food makes you well

Учень: – Listen to my poem:

Life is given as a gift

So wonderful and new.

We need to live it day to day,

Being careful as we do.

For life can give us many years,

Or only month or days.

And used in special ways.

Stop and take the moment

To help the poorer man.

Or teach a child something.

Lend a helping hand.

Small things are plain to see:

Great rewards return to you.

Give the best of life; it’s free.

Involving into situation.

Лунає музика… Виходять ведучі.

Ведуча: Famous doctors of the world give us some recommendations what we should do keep our heart and brain healthy.

Сценка. «Ask the doctor» – Section number 2.

Ведуча: Oh we have understood that we must not drink a lot of coffee, smoke, drink alcohol and eat a lot of food.

Ведучий: Also you must go to bed in time. Eat meat and drink tea with sugar. Don’t drink coffee and tea late in the evening, don’t smoke.

3 учень:

It’s necessary to have a rest
And always try to do the best
To get from nature so much health
And use intelligently its wealth.

4 учень:

It’s necessary to have a talk
After a long nice walk
To share somebody’s thoughts
About the beauty of rocks

5 учень:

It’s necessary to have dinner
And think how to become thinner.
To eat more vegetables and fruit
Less rich and fried food

6 учень:

It’s necessary to go in for sports
To play games of any sort
Strong and healthy always be
Good results in competition see

Лунає музика «Эй лежебоки, ну ка вставайте…»

(На сцену виходять 2 учениці)

1 учениця: Are you tired?

2 учениця: Let’s do some exercises.

Фізкультхвилинка (спортивний танець для всіх учасників).


Oh sport! You are enjoyment!

Oh sport! You are architect!

Oh sport! You are justice!

Oh sport! You are challenge!

You are nobles, you are joy!

Oh sport! You are piece!

Now, representatives of section 4! Come on boys and girls!

(Виступ агітбригади загону № 4)

Ведучий: Of course, sport is very popular in our country. Thousands of people go in for sports because it helps people and teenagers to keep in good health.

Ведуча: That’s why all of us go in for skating, skiing, snowboarding, bowling, tennis, dancing, swimming. Everybody enjoys seafood or fresh juice at the café or restaurant. We spend plenty of time outdoors, walk with friends because it is one of the most pleasant ways of spending free time. So we become more sociable, friendly and happy. We are sure that a healthy way of life is a great fun for teenagers nowadays.

Ведучий: If you want to be strong and healthy, if you want to keep fit, you should remember some tips from the participants of our party.

(Ведучий зачитує правила)

Слайди з малюнками

  • Get up early in the morning
  • Do your morning exercises
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Take a cool or cold shower
  • Never smoke
  • Get 3 meals a day
  • Go to the gym 3 times a week
  • Wash your hands before you eat
  • Help your parents with the house work
  • Keep your clothes clean
  • Take care of your body
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Give a smile to your friends!

Лунає музика. Журі нагороджує учасників агітбригад грамотами.

Ведуча: To sum up, we hope you’ve had a chance at our today’s party to understand that much depends on you. If you want to be happy and healthy, it is on you.

Ведучий: So, try to control your lifestyle and try to see the benefits of sports, healthy food physical activity.

Thank you for attention.

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  1. Веселий, оригінальній захід! Дуже важливо, що до performing залучено багато учнів. Єдине, що вбачається більш доцільним для учнів 5 -7 класів : використовувати на уроці лише англійську мову.