Додаток до теми “Культура та мистецтво” у 10-11 класах

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Великоредчаніна Тетяна Яківна

Великоредчаніна Тетяна ЯківнаМожно користуватися матеріалом при вивченні теми “Мистецтво”. Застосовуються мовні клише, оригінальна лексика з теми, цитати та особисті враження від відвідування музею.


Additional material to the theme “Art  and culture” (10-11 forms)

“My Visit to Aivasovsky Museum in Feodosia”.

“The true function of art is to explain life and comment on  it.

Real life is more beautiful than it is represented in art.”


 “Art is long and time is fleeting”- these words told by the great British poet Longfellow prove the everlasting power and influence of art and whether you realize it or not, art appeals to the heart and mind of a man, to his soul and feelings, it really proclaims life, captures the imagination of its lovers or just those who’ve got exceedingly great chance to get in touch with it.

I can’t say, that I’m definitely indulged in art, but trying to be more or less educated person, I make all the  efforts to get as close to this sphere of life as possible. While visiting art museums I try to make a journey through the magic world of masterpieces by distinguished painters, who reveal the inner world of a person, proclaim the beauty of life and nature. The eternal values, created by the world- known masters are in the centre of our attention when we’re on a visit to any gallery or museum.

You can take it for granted, my visit to Aivasovsky gallery exceeded all my expectations. I was fascinated by its collection, which numbers up to 417 works of art. The collection is composed in such a way, that one can follow 63 years evolution of the master – the  early period of his life is presented by “Shipwreck” or “Old Feodosia”, which are very impressive; I paid attention, that the painter has a delicate perception of nature: he depicts sunrises, waves  and moonlights beautifully.

The guide gave us a detailed information about all his periods of work and gradually acquainted us with canvases, presenting romantic and  realistic tendencies in his works. The remarkable canvas of romantic period “The Moon night by the Seashore” overwhelmed me so, that II forgot about everything and in some time I found myself quite alone in the hall, while all the group led by the guide proceeded to the next exposition hall. The bright effect of the moonlight seemed so vivid and natural, that I could not but admire it for some time.”Real art is a magic” -thought I at that moment. Hardly could I tear myself off  this canvas, and after I followed to the hall, where the first rated paintings “The Sea”, “Storm in the North Sea” were displayed. Besides, I was deeply impressed by his creations, devoted to the Ukrainian nature-“Rushes on the Dnieper”, “The Harvest Time in Ukraine””Wedding in Ukraine” which are considered by many  a men as the profound knowledge and understanding of Ukrainian nature and people. The triumph of art can be clearly seen in any of these canvases.

It took us quite a long time to see the exhibits of Aivasovsky collection. Everyone without exception was immensely impressed by all his creations; but what struck us more was his grand picture ‘Amid the Waves”, painted by the master at the age of 80, it evidently had become the triumph of his brilliant career as a painter. The artist skillfully  demonstrated the huge waves, combining bright and dark colours- blue, purplish and greenish to emphasize the power of the sea and its waves rolling from the horison to the foreground of the picture. I’m absolutely sure, only a great master could paint these exceedingly impressive pictures, which are out of time. “Art is long, but time is fleeting”- it’s proved by the creations of Aivasovsky. Wandering from one canvas to another, I I thought, that Aivasovsky’s art  is full of real talent and inspiration – no one can remain untouched by it. Later, looking through the books on art, I came across the words of Kramskoy, the great Russian artist: “Aivasovsky, no matter whatever they say, is the star of the first magnitude anyway, and not only in this country, but in general in the history of arts”.

My visit to the gallery enriched my understanding of art. Up to now I’m under the impression that art is a real treasure. Life is never a failure until we possess such treasures and unforgettable impressions.

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