План уроку англійської мови в 7 класі з теми «After school».

Автор: учитель англійської мови Терещенко Ірина Володимирівна

Screenshot_7План уроку англійської мови на тему «After school».
– to revised and activate pupils` vocabulary related to the topic;
– to develop all types of pupils` language skills;
– to develop attention and creative thinking of pupils;
– to inspirit students to express own opinions.




T: Good morning, pupils. Nice to see you again. I think you are OK and get ready for the lesson.

Game “Let`s boast“.

T: It was Sunday yesterday. I went to the forest. What did you do yesterday?

P1: You went to the forest yesterday, but I visited my Granny in the countryside.

What about you?

P2 ,P3 ….

T: Thank you .Well done. I want you to guess the topic of our lesson.

Look at these pictures and say what the topic of our lesson is.

T: Yes, you are quite right.

We are going to speak about after-school activities


T: So! What can you do after the classes?


Read about children`s after-school activities and do the tasks below.



Hello! I am keen on reading. I have got a big library at home. I prefer historical novels. Sometimes I go  to the cinema with my friends and watch screen versions of our favourite books. Then we share ideas about acting in the café.


I am crazy about sport. I am good at playing basketball. So, I joined school basketball team. We try out different tricks at our classes. Besides, I ride a bike in the park on Saturdays, it`s a real fun.



I am not sporty. I`m fond of playing boarding games. I am good at chess and droughts. But my favourite game is “Snakes and Ladders”. It is an old Indian game. My father brought it from India after his trip there.


My friends say that I am musical and romantic. I go to Music school. I am good at singing and playing the piano. I practice three hours a day. I always take part in school concerts. I want to be a famous singer in future.

  1. Find synonyms to the words and word combinations from the texts:
  2. Go cycling;
  3. Clumsy;
  4. Do tricks;
  5. Enjoy;
  6. Talk about;
  7. To be a member of.
  8. Answer the questions:
  • Who likes boarding games?
  • Who has got many books?
  • Who go cycling at weekends?
  • Whose father brought a present from other country?
  • Who is a member of sports team?
  • Who is good at playing the musical instrument?


Complete the table and write down about your after-school activities.

After-school activities


Every day Twice or three times a week Once a week sometimes never
Do sport


Go out with friends


Join club


Surf the Internet


Listen to music


Take pictures


Watch TV



Example:   As for me, I….. every day, I … twice a week.

Besides, sometimes I …. , but I never ….


Make up stories about children`s hobbies, using word combinations below the pictures.



(to be fond of, to be crazy about, to play, to join, to try out, to go out, to use computer, to enjoy, to have fun, to ride a bike, once, twice or three times a week)


T: Let`s work in groups.

Scramble the sentences and ask WH- questions to them.


– different/  tricks/ our/ classes/ out/ We/ at/  try/basketball/

(- We/ try/ out/ different/ tricks/ at/ our/basketball/ classes/)

  1. What ……?
  2. When …?


– friends/  with/ out/ the/ my/ I/ cinema /Sometimes/ go/ to/

(- Sometimes/I/ go/ out/ to/ the/ cinema /with/ my/ friends/)

  1. Whom ..?
  2. Where …?


-hours/ playing/ I / the/ day/ practice/ three/ guitar/ a/

(I /practice/playing/ the/guitar/ three/ hours/ a/day/)

1.What …?

2.How often … ?


T: Your homework for the next lesson will be to make advertisement of you favourite club.


You have worked hard, done many exercises, practiced in reading, writing, listening and speaking, discussed the information, and expressed your opinions. Your marks are…

Thanks for your work!

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  1. Комунікативний підхід, що лежить в основі навчання іноземної мови , є пріоритетним та передбачає розвиток умінь і навичок мовленнєвої діяльності. Такий урок розробила і запропонувала Ірина Володимирівна. Учні працюють з таблицями, складають діалог, читають тексти, відповідають на питання. Урок продуктивний. Дякую.

  2. Ірина Володимирівна пропонує на початку план уроку, що дозволяє раціонально розподілити час. Вчитель використовує різні форми роботи. Даний урок сприяє розвитку комунікативних навичок, викликає інтерес до вивчення предмету.

    1. Дякую ! Намагаюсь творчо підходити до планування уроку,урізноманітнюючи форми роботи, зацікавлюю учнів до вивчення іноземної мови.

      1. Дуже зацікавив ваш урок, де можна додатково ознайомитися з вашими матеріалами? Чи даєте ви відкриті уроки в школі де працюєте?було би цікаво обговорити

  3. Урок з англійської мови блочно структурований відповідно до певного виду діяльності: читання, письмо, говоріння, закріплення граматичного матеріалу. Учні працюють як самостійно, так і в групах. Конспект сподобався. Дякую.