План уроку англійської мови в 9 класі з теми Identity

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Тисленко Олена Геннадіївна

вчитель англійської мови Тисленко Олена ГеннадіївнаТема: Учень і його оточення.

Практична ціль: створити умови для розвитку комунікативної компетенції;   активізувати лексику з теми “Identity”, удосконалювати навички аудіювання; сприяти розвитку навичок діалогічного і монологічного мовлення; розвивати навички індивідуальної роботи та роботи в групі.

Освітня ціль: поглибити знання про молодіжні субкультури.

Розвиваюча ціль: формувати навички критичного мислення, а саме, аналізувати інформацію і висловлювати свою думку; сприяти розвитку пам’яті та уваги.

Виховна ціль: виховувати патріотизм та повагу до особистості інших людей; вчити ставитись толерантно до представників інших культур.

Обладнання: комп’ютер, проектор, роздруковані матеріали.

Хід уроку

  1. Beginning of the lesson
  2. Warming-up

Well, guys, do you want to know what topic you’re going to discuss today? For this you have to solve the crossword.


  1. Your native country
  2. Your grandpa’s son
  3. Metal things young people wear in their ears, noses and even tongues
  4. The day you don’t go to school
  5. An image that represents a person in a virtual world
  6. When you are not healthy, you’re …
  7. We shouldn’t judge people on their ….
  8. The synonym to TRENDY

So, what is the topic of our lesson? You can see it in bold. You are right. It’s IDENTITY.

At our lesson you’ll:

  • Practice lexics on the topic IDENTITY
  • Listen to dialogues
  • Speak on the topic and discuss interesting information
  • Watch Power Point presentations
  • Complete the table
  1. Vocabulary practice
  • What should we mention while speaking about Identity?


Vocabulary practice

  • Let’s revise the words you need to talk about each item. You’ll work in groups and complete the table. Each group will complete one column. You have 1 minute.
Things connected with your country Personality Interests Appearance

language, national landmarks, traditional costume,




landscape, people

Easy-going, energetic,

hard-working, outgoing, adventurous, sporty,









computer games,

dancing, reading,


Wearing piercings, tattoos,

band T-shirts, designer labels, team shirts,

T-shirts with logos,

casual clothes, jeans & T-shirts,

smart clothes

I am from…

I’m proud of…

I’m a…type of person I’m keen on…

I’m into…

I am passionate about…

I’m (not) into wearing…
  • Let’s check your work. Look at the screen. What words from my table you haven’t mentioned?
  • Now use these words in the sentences. Complete the sentences at the bottom of each column.
  1. Listening and Speaking

1. Listen to a conversation and complete the information in your hand-outs.

My family roots are in Wales.

Im proud of our language.

One thing I love about my country is the landscape.

I suppose Im a sporty type of person but Im a bit too laid-back.

Im passionate about sport.

Im into wearing team shirts.


I: So, Owen, where are you from?

O: Well, now I live in England but both my parents are Welsh and I was born in Wales so my family roots are there. I’m very proud of our language because it sounds beautiful and we all speak it at home.

I: What else are you proud of about your country?

O: Our national anthem. We all like singing in Wales, you know. And one thing I really love is our landscape – in Wales it’s so green.

I: So what sort of person are you? How would you describe yourself?

O: Well, I suppose I’m a sporty type of person. But maybe I’m a bit too laid-back sometimes. That’s what my mum says, anyway.

I: What things are you really keen on?

O: Sport, especially rugby. I’m passionate about it. I play rugby and I’m in the school team. My dad and I also go to all the Wales games.

I: And how do you express you identity? In your appearance, I mean.

O: Well, I’d like to have a Welsh flag tattoo but my mum isn’t very keen on that. But I’m into wearing team shirts like the Welsh national team rugby shirt. I wear it quite a lot.

I: Thanks, Owen.

2. Let’s check your answers. Read the text.

3. Use the sample and speak about yourself. ( 2 students)

4. Listen again for the questions Owen is asked.

So, how will you ask about :

roots? – Where are your family roots?

personality? – What sort of person are you?

interests? – What are you really keen on?

appearance? – How do you express your identity in your appearance?

5. You have a chart on your desks. You’ll have 5 minutes to complete this chart asking your groupmates these questions.

name roots personality interests appearance

6. Now answer my questions, please.

  • Are there any people from other countries?
  • Are there any people who are a bit too laid-back?
  • Are there any people who are keen on sport?
  • Can you describe some of your classmates?
  • Does anyone express their identity in appearance wearing piercings, tattoos or unusual clothes?
  1. Speaking about Urban Tribes (Subcultures)

1. (Show the pictures of emos, goths, metal heads)
Look at the pictures. Do these people look different from you? What makes them look different?
(Answers: their clothes, appearance, beliefs, behaviours)
You are right. These people belong to subcultures or Urban tribes.

2. Now you’ll learn new things about them. Some students look weird today. (They are dressed up as emos, goths, skaters and geeks). They got an individual task to make a presentation about one of the subcultures in our country. Listen to their reports and complete the chart with necessary information.

Tribe Appearance Fashion Interests
Emos Dyed black/pink/straight hair;

Black make up;

Dark clothes Into pessimistic music
Punks Shaved/coloured/spiky hair;


Scruffy clothes chains Into punk-rock
Goths Black hair and make-up;


Dark clothes

Silver jewellery

Into goth-music like Evanescence
Geeks  black glasses Scruffy casual clothes Into technology and gaming
Skaters Baggy clothes; Special boots Into indie and punk

3. Now compare the tribes and say which of them express their identity strongly? Which of them are not very much different from common people? Prove your answers using the information from the chart.

4. Let’s play Talk-Show to find out your opinions about the subcultures. Who wants to be a presenter. Take a microphone and ask questions.

  1. Home Assignment

You have worked hard, practiced lexics, made lots of exercises, discussed the information, expressed your opinions. Now, I guess, you are ready to prepare an oral report about urban tribes and express your personal attitude to them. Use the materials from the hand-outs and from my blog.

  1. Summing up

You worked good. Your marks are…

Thanks for your work!

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