Відкритий урок англійської мови з теми “Plenty Of Things To Do”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Чілій Володимир Анатолійович


  • to develop pupil’s reading, writing, speaking skills;
  • to encourage pupils to read English magazines and newspapers for children;
  • to teach pupils to work in groups, to do mini-projects, to develop pupils desire to write short stories and develop their creative potential.

Equipment: a scheme of the wall newspaper, envelopes with tasks, cuttings for making up the wall newspaper, an exhibition of children’s magazines and newspapers, a tape-recorder.


  1. T: Greeting

– Hi! How are you?

– Fine! How are you?

– I hope, you are well, Kate?                                                                     2 min.

– I hope, you are, too.

   T: Look at our exhibition! Can you guess the riddle?

What are they?

We have friends,

They cannot play

And cannot see,

But they are good                                               1 min.

To you and me.

(Books. Magazines. Newspapers)

  1. Introduction.

Dear boys and girls! At our lesson we spoke and read about professions of people who make newspaper. Today at the lesson we’ll be the workers of the newspaper office and make a wall newspaper. but to show that you can make a wall newspaper answer my questions:

Do you read newspapers and magazines?

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

What is your favourite newspaper (magazine)?

Why do you like it?

What can we do in a school newspaper office?

Would you like to work in a newspaper office?


And now look at the blackboard, please!

I asked Mr. Funny to help me to arrange pictures and sentences. Is it right? Match the picture with the correct sentence.

A: correspondent

An: editor

A: secretary                                                                                              5 min.

A: reporter

A: typist

A: compositor


I see you are ready to make a wall newspaper. Decipher this word and you’ll guess the theme of our newspaper.

noyug deerra                (Young reader)                                 1 min.

Right you are. So let’s start our work!

Devide into 4 groups and decide who’ll be the correspondent, the editor, the typist (calligrapher) and a designer (or a painter). (Children discuss roles).

1) I can write short articles. I shall be a correspondent.

2) I can do an interview. I’ll be a reporter.

3) Kate, you draw well, you can be a designer.                               2 min.

4) Ann, you write neatly, you can be a calligrapher.

Now, children, look at the columns of our future newspaper. What are they?

Groups get envelops with the tasks:

I group: Choose the word from the box and fill in the text.

library, magazines, crosswords, stories, books,

lesson, read, learn, magazines, popular

Children of our form like to … newspapers and … They often go to the … to get … and … They read “Posnayko”, “Barvinok”, “Tolly…”, “Yablynka” and others. They help us to learn English, have many …, riddles, tales, poems and fanny … They have comics and puzzles, too. These magazines are very interesting and …

II group: Do interview “My favourite magazine/newspaper” – and write what magazine/newspaper your classmates read and why.

III group: Choose out of these pictures ones like, colour them, make up a dialogue (later act it out), find rhymes to the lines in the poem. (Put in the name of the magazine or newspaper).

My new friend

We are good friends,

… and I.

We have a such fun,

… and I.

We are good friends,

Can you say Why?


Groups work, the teacher performs the role of an adviser helps the children. The work being done, the pupils come out and stick the prepared material on the columns of the wall newspaper.

Then they present their information.                         8 min.


A minute of relaxation. And now, children, after hard work we need a rest. Mr. Funny will help us. (Pupils do physical exercise to music).                       1 min.

Evaluation of the work


– Ask an English boy/girl what magazines or newspaper he/she likes to read.                             6 min.

The pupil present English magazines “Beano” and “Winnie the Pooh”.

Summering up.

Dear Children!

Was it interesting to work in the newspaper office?

Which profession did you like?

Would you like in future to make up newspapers?

Which activity did you like best?


Your home task for the next lesson is:                         2 min.

Write a short story about your favourite magazine or a newspaper.

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