Конспект уроку англійської мови в 6 класі
“Мої улюблені місця”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Нікіфорова Анастасія Євгеніївна


Рівень: A1


– повторити попередню лексику;

– подати нову лексику;

– зацікавити кожного учня в темі уроку;

На кінець уроку учні будуть:

  • говорити про свої улюблені місця;
  • вживати нову лексику в уній та письмовій формах

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Greeting (2m).
  2. Warming up (7m): I give one cut word for one desk and students have to make a word. While students do this, one of their classmates go to the blackboard and do the same thing, but in written form. Then when we check students answers we have to find their transcriptions. And finally I give to the students English explanation of the word (in this way we train their pronunciation – phonetic drill).

Easlct = Castle

Ummuez = Muzeum

Loochs = School

Umtasid = Stadium

  • Main Part (30m):
  • I ask my students how, using only one word, we can name all these things?
  • Students answers = PLACES
  • Finally they guess that the topic of our lesson is “Places”. We are going to speak about different places. I put questions to my students:
  • What can we do at the park?
  • What can we see at the zoo?
  • What do we do at the cinema?
  • Do you like to spend your free time at the beach? What do you like doing there?
  • Today we have 2 new words. So let’s think what can we do at the museum? What can we see there? What can you say me about castle? What castles do you know? Who lives in the castles?

So, at the museum we can see different old things. A king lives in a castle.

  • Now I ask my students to copy them into their vocabularies. And now let’s see how you learned them. Please, open your SB on page 57 and listen to the exercise 6 very attentively. Students listen to the sounds and guess what they are.
  • You have learned how to pronounce them and you can identify these words. So now we are going to train our writing skills. Open your WB on page 54 and let’s do exercise 1. In exercise 1 students fill in new words and spell them.
  • Now, when I am sure that you know how we name these places in English we will listen to the story about our favorite heroes Sam and Kate. But at first I want you to answer my questions:
  • Where are Sam and Kate in picture 1 (cave)
  • Who is the woman in picture 2? (Megan)
  • Who can you see in picture 3? (Imelda)
  • Is Imelda in the cave? (no)
  • Where is she? (near volcano)
  • I give the words from the text and the students look through them.

Really – [’ri:lɪ] – насправді

Strange – [streɪndʒ] – дивний

Light – [laɪt] – світло

Destroy – [dɪ’strɔɪ] – руйнувати

Volcano – [vɒl’keɪnəʋ] – вулкан

Through – [Ɵru:] – крізь

Flute – [flu:t] – флейта

Talk – [tɔ:k] – розмовляти

Brilliant – [’brɪljənt] – чудовий

  • Listening activity – students listen to the story.
  • After listening activity SB p. 56, Ex. 1,2

Match sentences as true or false:

  • Megan has got a magic hologram
  • She lives in a volcano
  • Imelda wants to destroy Megan
  • Megan gives Sam a musical instrument
  • Sam and Kate travel to Max’s submarine
  • Home assignment (1m): WB p. 54, ex. 2,3,4
  • Comments (3m).
  1. Summing up (2m): So, let’s talk about our town. What is your favorite place in our town? Why do you like it? I give you some extra material where you can find some more places to use in our conversation.

T-S1-S2-S3…………….. TALK

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