Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 8 класу на тему: “Talking about your free time”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Доманич Діана Михайлівна

Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 8 класу на тему: “Вільний час”.
Мета даного уроку є закріпити вивчену лексику по темі.


The topic: « Talking about your free time »
(8 клас)

Objectives: to enrich vocabulary on the topic “Free time”; to encourage students to talk about and give opinions of the topic; to improve students’ ability to express their point of view; to develop reading and communicative skills; to adapt students to communicate in real life situations.

The form of the lesson: an individual work with pupils.

Equipment: different statements on the topic, some visual material.


І. Greeting. Aim

T: Good morning, dear pupils. I hope you are very well today.

As you see, today we‘re going to speak about free time activities, places of entertainment, hobbies and so on…

Check-on Homework

T: Now let’s check-on your homework

Warming up.


-How much leisure time have you got every day?

-How often do you go for a walk?

-Do you manage to find time for sport or exercise?

-Do you prefer to spend your free time in social networks or meeting with friends?

-Are you an active or passive type of person?

-Have you got a hobby?

-What’s your favourite pastime?

Using proverb

-Do you agree that “By the way in which a man uses his leisure his character can be told -more surely in all probability than by the way he does his work” (For most men work is necessity in order to gain a living. But in their leisure time they do what they really want to do and their real selves are reflected in their actions).

Complete the Word Map using the clues

Singing songs _____ to music

______ food _____ books

______ photographs _____ TV

______ by car _____ things

______ stories _____ modern dance

Give me the definitions of the following statements:

  1. a funny place, where you can enjoy clowns, acrobats and animals (circus);
  2. a place, where you can watch art masterpieces of famous talented people ( art gallery);
  3. a place, where you can watch movies in the darkness (cinema);
  4. a place, where you mustn’t touch the exhibits (museum);
  5. a place, where plays can be performed (theatre);
  6. a place, where you can feel yourself a real football fan (stadium);
  7. a place, where people can walk and enjoy merry-go-rounds (park);
  8. a place, where you can spend time with friends drinking or eating something (café or restaurant);
  9. a place, where you can develop your physical abilities (gym);
  10. a place, where you can enjoy classical music (orchestral performance)


  1. How to choose a hobby. Complete the table.
    Gardening Baking Biking Drawing coin collecting
    cooking Book club chess Bird Watching Kite flying
    Zoos Yoga horseback riding Sewing mastering a New language learning to draw or paint fishing Team and club Sports
    Toy collecting mountain climbing Dancing Book collecting
    Playing a musical instrument concerts Singing and choir crossword Puzzles hiking
    hobbies that Sharpen the mind…………………
    hobbies for Kids and families…………………..
    Active hobbies……………………………………
    hobbies for Science and Nature-lovers………….
    hobbies for the collector………………………….
    crafting and art……………………………………
    Activities with other people………………………
    hobbies for the music lover……………………….
    hobbies for Stress relief…………………………..
  2. Choose the correct endings for each sentences:


  1. Let’s just stay in and watch
  2. My mum and dad came over to play
  3.  I’d rather just stay in and finish
  4.  A few friends came round
  5.  Let’s just get
  6.  We had
  1. for dinner
  2. my book
  3. TV/ a video
  4. a video out
  5. a few friends round for dinner
  6. cards

3.Vocabulary Practice

T: Match these ideas with one of the activities below:

  1. I haven’t been to see a play for ages _
  2. Let’s go out for a meal at the weekend. We haven’t eaten out for a long time_
  3. Shall we go and see a band? I haven’t seen any live music for ages_
  4. Do you fancy going out for a drink later? _
  5. Do you fancy going clubbing tonight?_
  6. Shall we go and see a film later?_
  1. going to the pub
  2. going to the cinema
  3. going to the theatre
  4. going to a restaurant
  5. going to a nightclub
  6. going to a concert

4. Writing task

T: Put these words with the correct group below:

go go for go to

the park

1…….. the beach

the zoo

a walk

2……. a drive in the country

a swim


3……. clubbing


T: Now use some of the phrases to complete the following text. You might need to change the form of the verb.

I had a really nice weekend. I got paid on Friday and I decided I needed some new clothes. So I got up early on Saturday morning and (4)…….

After lunch I (5)……. in the park and sat on a bench in the sun reading the newspaper. They’ve just opened a new pool near my house so later in the afternoon I decided to (6)…….. and I had a sauna as well.

My brother’s kids are doing a project at school about wild animals and on Sunday morning we all (7)……….. We had a great time watching the lions and feeding the monkeys.

Then in the afternoon I picked my girlfriend up in the car and (8)…….. We found a really pretty little village that neither of us had ever been to before. By the time I got home it was nearly ten o’clock. I just had something to eat and went straight to bed.

 Summing up of the lesson

T: Our lesson has come to the end. What was the most interesting for you?

Analysis and evaluation of pupils.


To write a letter about your favourite kind of leisure.

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  1. Хороший конспект на збагачення лексичного матеріалу. Корисні вправи на розвиток здібностей учнів висловлювати свою власну точку зору, гарні завдання на розвиток читання. Дякую за корисну публікацію

  2. За структурою урок чіткий та грамотний. Вчитель пропонує різного виду завдання на закріплення вивченою лексики з теми “Вільний час”. Можна додати завдання більш інноваційного типу – створення колажу, спільного, групового чи індивідуального з подальшою його презентацією на уроці. Наприклад, як я проводжу вільний час? і так далі. Дітям це подобається, додає практичност до уроку, показує значимість вивчених слів, вводить їх в активний словник. + є змагальний підхід. Працюйте і отримуйте задоволення.