Урок-подорож у 9 класі з теми: “Наука і вчені”

Автор: вчитель англійської мови Ларіна Тетяна Олександрівна

Це урок-подорож у чудовий світ науки. Учні виконують різноманітні комунікативні вправи, де розповідають про вчених та їх винаходи. На уроці використані інтерактивні методи роботи, які вчать учнів самостійно мислити, висловлювати власну думку та робити висновки.



  • to practise pupils’ speaking skill;
  • to practise a role play;
  • to stimulate pupils’ thinking;
  • to deepen pupils’ knowledge of inventions and inventors.

Equipment: posters, drawings, portraits of inventors, presentation, TV.

Motto: “ Wonders are many and nothing is more wonderful than a man “ Sophocle


І. Greeting. Warming-up.

Т.: Good morning, everybody! Today we are going to deal with great inventions and their inventors. I believe you’ll enjoy the subject of our today’s lesson. We’ll talk about great inventions named after their creators. We’ll talk about computer, this wonderful invention of human talent. It opens the magic world of Internet before us. We’ll talk about TV that has become the part of life too. We’ll dwell upon science in general and on its negative and positive influence on people’s lives.

But before we start working I want to know which of the following scientific discoveries you think have been the most important for modern life?

а) Rank the following achievements from 1 to 10 in order of importance: №1 – being the most important, №10 – being the least important.

(Wireless technology, Air travel, Penicillin antibiotic, Plastic, Atomic bomb, Computers, Electricity, Solar power, Robots, Sterilizing milk)

 T: As you see the answer differ a bit. Every person has his/her own scale of scientific discoveries usefulness. But as for the …everybody agreed it is the least important discovery of the modern life.

b) Look at the spider and say about your favourite gadgets and explain your choice.

 Favourite Gadget

T: Dear friends! Times change and we change with the time. Everything that surrounds us is unique. New inventions make our life easier and more comfortable. Today we are going to continue our talk about inventors and the role of science in our life. So, let’s remind the names of great scientists.

c) “Microphone”

P1: Isaac Newton was a great English scientist. He invented a mirror telescope.

P2: Yevhen Paton was an outstanding Ukrainian constructor and a scientist.

Р3: As far as I know Alexander Heming discovered penicillin. He was born in Scotland.

P4: As for me I can’t help mentioning the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein. He was born in Germany but in 1940 he became an American citizen.

P5, P6….

Т.: You are quite right! They were outstanding persons. We can continue the list of well known scientists endlessly but let’s have a talk about those who gave their names to their inventions. Let’s start our work.

II. Main part

1. Speaking (P1 and Р3 are running the conversation)

P1: Dear friends! No doubt new inventions make our life warmer, easier, longer. They make our life more comfortable. I’m sure you will agree with me. More over some inventions are named after their inventors. Look at these pictures on the blackboard. There you can see several things we use in our everyday life: a ball-point pen, a telephone, a rain coat, a car. Who doesn’t know these things?! But who knows the names of their inventors? Let’s start with a pen. Who was its inventor? Who can tell us about it?

P2: I’ll try. As far as I remember a ball-point pen was invented by a Hungarian artist Ladislao Biro who emigrated to Argentina. Am I right?

P1: You are quite right. I’d like to add that another name for a ball­point pen is a Biro.

Р3: Well, there you can see a telephone. No doubt our life is impossible without it. As far as I know the idea of transmitting speech electrically belonged to the French mechanic Charles Boursel. The German Phillip Reis put the idea into practice. Is he the inventor of a telephone?

Р4: Nothing of the kind! His telephone didn’t find practical application! It was the American Graham Bell who invented a telephone. We can see his portrait on the blackboard. Point to it, please. Speaking about inventors and their inventions I want to mention the name of Rudolf Diesel. The German engineer who invented the Diesel engine and so began transport revolution in cars, lorries and trains.

Р3: How interesting it is! Well, you wonder why there is a picture of a packet of milk and raincoat. I expect … and … will give us the information about it. Can you?

P5: Yes, I can. It is interesting to know that Louis Pasteur. A Frenchman who was both a chemist and a biologist invented a method of sterilizing milk by heating it. It was great!

P6: As for a raincoat its another name is mackintosh, because a Manchester textile chemist Charles Mackintosh developed a rubber solution for coating fabrics. That made fabrics waterproof. It led to the production of waterproof raincoats or mackintoshes.

T: Summing up our conversation I’d like to stress that new inventions make our life more comfortable. Thank you for taking part in our conversation.

Т.: And now it’s time for fun. Some riddles for you. Try to guess what it is.

2. Listening. Riddles

“I don’t know the ABC

But I’m writing, as you see”

 (a pen)

“What am I?

I don’t ask questions

But must be answered”

 (a telephone)

“This is a house

With one window in it.

Showing films

Nearly every minutes”

 (a TVset)

Good for you! But business before pleasure. So. Lets continue our work.

3. Lexical Work

4.  “Aquarium”

T: So let’s continue our conversation about a wonderful world of science. So, computers and their role in our life.

P1: It is open secret that modern life is impossible without computers. When was the first computer invented, you wonder? It happened in 1912. Charles Babbage, a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University invented the first calculating machine. The first computers were very big because there were thousands of tubes in them.

T: Well done! What an interesting piece of information it is! And now let’s try recollect where computers are used.

P1: They can, for example, calculate orbits for sputniks and spaceships.

Р2: They can also control machines in factories!

P3: They can even work out tomorrow’s weather!

P4: They can reserve seats on plane, pay wages, play chess!

P5: They can even write poetry and compose music!

P6: And they can also make a translation from one language to another!

P7: It’s a well known tact that computers are a great help to a student, a doctor, a teacher and a people of other professions!

T: Good work! I absolutely agree with all of you. And summing up our conversation I’d like to underline that today computers control nearly everything we do in the world. They serve people in their daily life and work.

5. Role Play

Т.: And now surprise! I have invited a special quest to our meeting. Welcome! Introduce yourself, please.

P.(TV): Oh, hello! Here I am the TV. I want to tell you what I am, when I was born am who was my father. It happened in 1925 when John Logie Baird transmitted the first television picture. He created a totally new human culture.

Nowadays I play a great role in your life. I am an important part of your life. I offer you a wide choice of programs on different channels. In addition to regular news you can see plays and films, watch all kinds of competitions and quizzes, soap operas and sporting events. You can also get a lot of useful information on educational channel. I’m sure you enjoy watching TV, don’t you? So let’s remind what kind of programs you can watch on TV every day.

P1: Soap operas!

P2: Quizzes and game shows

Р3: Talk shows!

P4: Documentaries!

P5: Political news and sport programs!

Р6: Weather forecast!

P7: Musical programs!

P8: Feature films!

Р9: Cartoons!

P10: Commercials!

P.(TV): Oh, I see you know my programs rather well. No wonder, I want to know that programs you like to watch. What are your favourite ones?

P1: As for me I like watching TV because it helps me to relax after school.

P2: I enjoy watching TV too. I’m fond of sport programs because I’m interested in sport events very much. And moreover sport programs give the latest news about sportsmen.

Р3: The main reason for watching TV for me is to get useful information. So I prefer to watch quiz or game shows. It helps me to develop my mental skill.

P4: As for me I watch different films and even collect CDs with my favorite ones.

P5. I don’t watch TV. Well, maybe a little, but my little sister is crazy about cartoons.

P6: As for me I mostly watch the commercials. With their help I know what new goods I can buy in our shops.

P7: I am fond of music, so I watch musical programs.

P8: I watch TV because I’d like to know the latest political and economic news in our country and abroad.

P (TV): Oh, I’m so pleased with your words! You really like my programs! Good luck. Good – bye!

6. Reading “ E. Paton” ( text p.222, L5 Students Book)

Т.: So we see progress of science and technology has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s influence on civilization on the hand is positive and on the other hand it is negative. Let’s make the list of good and bad influence of science and technology. Share your opinion with the class.

7. Group Work

The Influence of Science and Technology

Positive Negative
Make life easier, quicker. Influence your health (eyestrain,
lack of movement).
Make life warmer, give you free
time. Separate you from nature.
Entertain you. Lead you away from nature.
Substitute people, do work Make you live in virtual world.
In some cases take all your time.
Can solve the most difficult
problems. Make you busy.
You don’t notice other people. 

III. Summing-up

Т.: Today we’ve had a special lesson devoted to outstanding inventions and their outstanding inventors. We also have touched upon negative influence of science and progress. No doubt great achievements of science make our life more comfortable. But don’t forget about beautiful world of nature around you. Enjoy nature! Enjoy friendship! Enjoy love!

I want to finish our lesson with Sophocle’s words: “Wonders are many and nothing is more wonderful than a man”.

Homework: Write a composition “ Modern Inventions in My House”


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